Cicada Killer Wasps

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    Anybody know how to kill these things? I've tried ordinary wasp sprays that work well on wasps and hornets, but have no effect on CKW's. I know they don't sting, but a few customers are complaining about the mounds they make. These things seem to be everywhere this year!
  2. rodfather

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    Oh they sting alright. They're just not very agressive is all...have no clue how to get rid of them.
  3. Shady Brook

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    Actually the males can not sting, and the females are not protecting anything so to speak, so are not inclined to sting. I would not grab one to find out if it were male or female. :laugh: I have walked in the midst of dozens before, and some may try to intimidate you, but I have never been stung and feel quite safe. My customers believe me that they are not likely to sting.....but, they are still afraid for themselves and children.

    Purdue says to use Sevin Dust. Pour it in and around their mounds. The bug specialist at Purdue told me that if they walk in it, they will die. Do not water in, they need to walk in the dust.

    In lawns with heavy infestations I find they are not always killed, and will reestablish now mounds in the same yard.

    So perhaps if you can check on them very close, and put sevin on new mounds as they pop up after your first application you may have success.

    Do not put it down unless you have an appropriate liciense.

    Good luck

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Is there a chemical app. that can be applied to the mound to kill the eggs? I thought the adults just went into the mounds to lay an egg and deposit a luck Cicada. The only way I know of to kill adults is to sneak up on them with the weedwacker, and even then they have to be young.
  5. Groomer

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    Why? They are so non agressive, and they really don't show up till fairly late in the season, and don't stick around all that long. Their size is intimidating, but we all know the little guys, (yellow jackets!), are the ones to watch out for! I just leave 'em alone.
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  7. varybarry

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    I would just leave them alone if possible. They don't stick around all that long, but if your customers insist on removing them, then you should look into the chemical app. license .
  8. JayD

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    I have had them in my yard for the past four or five years now. At first, They scared me some what and I would spray ( spray adhesive ) on them, kind of cruel, but it worked. But now after reading up on them on the web, I found out that they kill a lot of other pest like locust, I know, not spelled right, so as long as they don't mess with me, I now leave them along.
  9. Guzman Properties

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    I don't mind them at all, just don't nest on my lawn. I hate the fact that they burrow in deep and leave mounds of dirt. My neighbor and I use tennis rackets every morning.
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    They seem really bad this year. I am coming across them everywhere.

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