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Cicadas are coming!


LawnSite Member
Chicago, IL
I am not sure where to post this, so here it is. Apparently this is the year for the big emergence of Cicadas. Now, I am only 20 and have lived in the U.S. for thirteen years, so I wasn't around for the last big emergence. Do these insects affect lawns? Do they affect plants?

The last thing I would want to have happen, is several installation jobs and then have those insects come and destroy the work and put me out of money.

Anyone have any information?


LawnSite Silver Member
last year i saw a LOT of the chicada killers? they look like HUGE hornets, usually sit around small trees that are 3" in dia or less. I was mowing 2-3 acre lawns when i saw tons of them, they hover in the air and i swore one would sting my a$$ but never did. I later found out what they were.


LawnSite Member
I saw the same large bee like "cicada killers" last year also in NJ. I never did get stung but I must admitt I ran once when it swooped down towards me. Hopefully noboby saw that one. lol