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Anyone know of a quick and easy way to pick up cigarette buts, besides by hand? Is there a vacume or something on the market that would pick them up wet or dry? I was asked this today by a customer and I'd like your input. Thanks,


never tried a handheld vac but not much luck with the goat butts get stuck in the great on flat surfaces but you may need to blow out butts stuck in cracks...I use a backpack blower to get them outof grass for mulch beds an ez reacher would do but by hand is quicker


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I have a commercial account that is on one of the busiest avenues in town. It is a place that needs to look good at all times for the account and for my own image. The front has a low drainage ditch along the state highway. There is a drainage pipe from the other side of the highway that is higher than my account's side. When we have big rains, about four or five times a year, it washes all the trash from the other sides parking lots. It washes up thousands of butts. 200 feet long in two rows about 10 feet apart. they get like that from the water going down and finally draining.

Only way I have found to be effect enough is to just use the 21" with a bagger and mow right down the rows. The next fastest is to use a rake and bucket. Made the mistake, first time when this happened years ago, of mowing over them with gators. Within minutes it looked like a cotton field ready for harvest.


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We use steel tine lawn rakes to get them out and off of the aprons along city streets or wherever it is a constant problem. We also have a clause in our contracts where this is additional labor at xxx dollars/hour.



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I have a real good way of dealing with them. Buy the little Stihl hand held blower, don't remember the model, and get the vaccum attachement. I use mine at all my commercial accounts-----mainly for cig butts. It is also very handy to remove trash and leaves from square corners where it tends to build up.

I was going to start a new thread the other day and forgot too, it was to ask everybody what the handiest small tool was that they had purchased. I was going to let everybody know that these things work well. It will pick up just about anything you can get the nozzle over, including rocks so be careful.


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I agee with Homer. I just bought an Echo blower/vac and use it all the time on my comm accounts.Works great for leaves, cig butts,garbage etc. It beats sweeping along curbs. It's also a backup blower if I need one.Yes be careful it will try to pickup everything.


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there is a hand held vac that is called the gator and it will pickup objects without grinding them it will pick up a soda can and other soild objects.

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