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    personally I'm not worried about what the client thinks. I don't smoke while work in the first place but if I ever did go back to smoking cigs or hired an employee who smoked there would be only 2 rules.

    don't throw your butts on the clients property and you can only smoke at the truck/trailer after your work is done or if your taking a break.

    besides that I'm not into hiding what I do just because someone might find it unacceptable. if someone doesn't hire me or want me working on there property because I'm a smoker then I don't want or need them as a client.
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    Nice Thread! Love it! Can't smoke in the office, but on the occasion I'll have a Swisher Sweet or Black and Mild.
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    Just thinking about this today one of the guys that helps me smokes and i let him smoke in the truck because i would rather him do it there then on the property and well its a work truck anyway. Recently i have gotten the truck lettered up and now I'm wondering what that image is to passer byes. I never have let him throw the buds out but I'm thinking about saying no more, spent money to make the truck look nice to me having a nice truck and looking up to see an employee smoking is not a good thing? Keep in mind I'm not an anti smoker and probably smoke about a pack of cigerates a month which isn't a lot but I'm not sure if I'm being unreasonable or not?
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    dstifel, if he's smokin' in the truck, then you're smoking right along with him. (secondhand smoke.)
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    Window is fully down and smoke leaves the truck quickly doesn't happen in cold months where he can't have it down all the way.
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    I can't believe you people let your businesses and clients or possible clients dictate what you do and where you do. your so hungry for business your gonna let a bunch of clients or possible clients tell you, you can't smoke in your own truck because your worried about them not hiring you because your a smoker?

    seriously since when did smoking or being a smoker become such a bad image. I don't really think it has or ever will. people smoke, it's a fact of life. people drink, it's a fact of life.

    if people are seriously gonna judge me and or my business based on things that have NOTHING to do with the business then I don't want them as clients in the first place. I find it disgusting as a human being that we would not hire someone or not use there services just because they smoke. that we would frown upon a business because we saw one of there employees smoking in a company vehicle or around the back of the building.

    smoking it bad for your health but its not some evil thing to be ashamed of or kept hidden. and if people are that shallow to not hire or use services from people who smoke then I'm embarrassed to be part of the human race.
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    Smoking has had a bad image for a while now. Look at how smokers are shunned. They have become social pariahs. I don't smoke. None of my friends smoke. In 1965 42.4 percent of American adults smoked. Today it's 20.8 percent. As much as you don't want to hear it, it has become socially acceptable to call out a smoker. I would not permit a service I hired to smoke on my property. I would not permit anyone to smoke in my vehicle and the non smokers I have talked to feel the same. Statistically smokers take more breaks and call in sick more than people who don't.

    I carpooled to a golf outing last summer and there was a smoker in the car. He was told by the driver he could smoke when we stopped and away from the vehicle. Restaurants banned smoking, so smokers ducked out the door. Now restaurants are banning smoking within 30meters of the door. Many parks and golf courses have banned smoking entirely. Smoking is banned at hospitals and many hospitals ban smoking not just in the building but anywhere on campus. Dorm are smoke free, bars are smoke free, All government facilities banned smoking. As of Jan. 2 2013 1129 colleges have a totally smoke free campus. They are not just little liberal arts colleges either major DI colleges: Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Central Florida, California, every college in Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Texas, Michigan just to name a few. I know Lowes banned employee smoking on Lowes property. The list of where you can smoke is much easier to list. You can smoke in your home, your car, your property unless you are a business opened to the public and private clubs.

    Smokers pay higher rates for insurance. Smokers pay higher taxes in the form of tobacco taxes. Smokers are social outcasts. Fat and unhealthy people are not far behind. I am not trying to make you mad, I am just showing you that smokers do have a bad image.
  8. yardguy28

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    maybe it's just because I don't have a bad opinion of smokers that I don't really see that many people. maybe it's because I use to smoke 2 packs a day. maybe it's because when I hire someone to perform a service for me like say a plumber or electrician I could care less if they are a smoker or not. as long as butts aren't left on my property I don't care.

    I actually don't pay attention to who smokes or not. when I see a truck with company info on it I'm to busy ready the info to even notice the driver, let alone if they are smoking.

    guess its because I'm not that critical of people I don't bother to pay attention if someone is a smoker or not.

    at any rate I personally refuse to let people dictate my personal habits during my business hours. I will go as far as to not spit directly in front of client or throw cig butts on there property but that's it. and as I said if someone doesn't want to hire me because of something like that they can hire someone else.

    I'm not gonna change who I am or what I do for business. whether I smoke or not isn't important or shouldn't be. what is, is how well do I service your property.

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