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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 13, 2001.

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    ok, i need to know what the heck a cinch bug is. i understand in the larvea stage it is subsurface, but will it also do damage in its adult stage? what does it look like? does it fly, creep? any info woyuld be appreciated.
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    Bobby,chinch can be a serious problem.In the the young stage they will suck the juices out of grasss roots and cause serious problems in a short amount of time.The adults can also cause alot of trouble.They like the sunniest part of the yard,especially next to pavement.To see if you have them ,cut the bottom out of a can ,and fill it with water.They magically appear.Treat them with Diazanon or dursban.Also another clue is the grass will look brown and bare rooted.

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    The adult stage is where they will do the damage. They look a little different in each stage of aging. The younger ones can be a red or orange color, but the full grown adult is the real grass predator! They are pretty small so you need to get on your hands and knees. Go to an area that is browning, then spread the grass apart right where the green edge is. Do it fast 'cause they run.Look for small " fly-like" insects with white spots on their wings. If you see a few, you should treat. They multiply like mice.
    They suck the juice out of the grass blade, and can kill the lawn.
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    dethatch the lawn. they live in the thatch.
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    Dethacting will not help. You can carry the little burgers on your equipment from yard to yard.
    They like the hot humid weather.You will notice that the bugs start their damage near driveways and sidewalks (cement holds heat). They can start in the middle of the yard if transported by your equipment.
    The treatment is correct but in Florida you need to be licensed to apply the chemical.

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