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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jman00, May 5, 2003.

  1. jman00

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    I know this conversation has come up before and i do say i love your pics better than the latter. There is simply no comparison. But the term circle jerk i really don't like. It implies that lcos that mow in that style are somehow sub-par. Well we are not. Down in the south st Augustine and Bahia just don't stripe well. Believe me I have tried. It is very faint and hard to see and the yards i tried it on the customer really didn't care. I know it takes some extra time to do and its not worth it.

    Of course that guy may just be starting and needs to be educated and he may not last long, but proves just how fragile business is. There is a lot of comp. out there.

    I am not really sure what this reply says but i was just reading the replies and i didn't like them. but i do like the looks of a job well done, and you so good work.

    I just thought of a reason other than the 50 bucks a year. A new CEO from Florida (where we know there is more money here) flew up there and didn't like the looks of the silly stripes and said change that it looks weird. just a thought.
  2. jman00

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    man i hit the wrong button. this was supposed to be in the umhumm thread. Can it be put there. If not go read that one and then read this. Again sorry for this.

    by the way the spell check thing works pretty good.
  3. cos

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    It was just a word or phrase used to describe someone who did less than and honorable work than him. And, He proved it too. Don't take it personal cause you mow in circles.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Somewhere buried in the 1900+ posts I have made here is a response I made one time defending the "circle cutting" or doing laps as I call it. I felt then and still do now that lap cutting is the fastest way to cut a yard. When you lap cut you are cutting grass 100% of the time that you are moving. When you stripe you are not. I do not lap cut simply because I like the look of stripes in a yard.
  5. fatboy5803

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    I'm with "jman00". I live in the south and tried to stripe the St. Augustine grass, and can't see much...Honestly, I may not be doing it right ! That might be a good thread.............

    Lou :cool:
  6. Gravely_Man

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    Its all in what type of grass you are cutting and what the customer wants. Every customer and lawn company is different.

  7. Green Pastures

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    Look at the pictures they do not lie.

    The fact is the account looked 150% better when he was striping it.

    He isn't talking about the south, this is obviously fescue and I believe he was from Ohio........

    Don't get your hackles raised, striping is really popular in some areas and not at all in others.

    It's all good.
  8. 65hoss

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    Its not just the stripes. Its the entire quality. Look at the pics again. The quality of the cutting and the health of the turf are different. Everyone knows that down south we don't stripe. So its easy to know he wasn't taking to any of us. Although, I cut in straight lines, I don't agree with it being faster to circle cut. I've tried it both ways, and cutting in straight lines has always proved to be faster. I guess with certain types of equipment circles would be faster, but with hydros I just don't find it to be true in my data but the layout would be different in my area to.
  9. yourlawnguy

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    I'm in Florida cutting St. Augustine and I still take pride in cutting in straight lines, also take care never to cross those lines when leaving the property. It's true that striping doesn't work here but the mower still leaves tire tracks and I prefer my tracks straight. I see plenty of guys out there who can't cut a straight line and it just doesn't look right IMHO
  10. lawncare3

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    You are right. I think circle cutting is fine with grass that dosen't stripe well but, I think if the stripes can be seen then stripe away;)

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