circles in St. Augustine lawn

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    for about 3 weeks now, i have noticed dieing patches of grass on my palmetto lawn. I put pest control, but it is spreading. Also , it is only located on the lowest part of my property. Is it a fungus? What should i apply? In Pasco county Florida, it has been an unusually wet winter. Please help me before my lawn dies. Thanks
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    Sounds like you have Brown Patch Fungus (Rhizoctonis solani) or also commonly called Winter Patch in our area.

    Look on the edges of these patches to see if there is a color change or a Smoke ring around the infected turf? Next find a clump of leafs on a runner and pull the center blade of grass to see if it comes out from the sheath in one piece. If these fact are present then Call a Professional Lawn Spray company to start treatment. If you get the right spray tech with the knowledge to cure this right away, your St Augustine will grow back in by the end of rainy season. Brown Patch(Rhizoctonis solani) is a soil born Microbe and will be there year after year. A preventive program must be set up if you to stop reoccurring events each year.
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    Yes, it sounds like it. Are there brown circles with yellow on the edges of the
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    Ric nice have something in our area of the country

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