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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cross1933, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. cross1933

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    I noticed two circles, 3' diameter, where the grass is brown. The brown area is approx. 2 " wide and uniform around the circle area. What it looks like is a 2" wide brown area in a circle that is 3' in diameter. Both circles are next to each other with about 6" of spacing. The circles were not present in the fall of last year?
  2. cross1933

    cross1933 LawnSite Member
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    I contacted the local sod supplier with my question. I was told that it was called "Fairy Ring". The option is to replace the sod or there are some chemical but the cause is probably something buried in the underlying soil. It was suggested that I dig down 1' and check to see if something buried in under the soil. It would not surprise me to find something buried, this was a new home build in 2006. This looks like a good job to tackle on Friday when I am off from work, that is if it has not rained too much.
  3. cross1933

    cross1933 LawnSite Member
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    I want to replace the effected sod area with some new sod and replace some of the soil with new soil. My question is that I put down the pre-emergent the first week of April, is it too soon?
  4. Atlantic Lawn

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    Some Pre-m's do what is known as root prune. I wouldn't worry about it, cut out the existing area and replace. Water as needed.
  5. Marcos

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    Sounds to me like miniature alien spacecraft landed there...and "branded" the turf with their signature "turf circles" !!!

  6. Marcos

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    .....but seriously now !! :rolleyes:

    You definitely do want to dig out whatever's rotting away down matter how far down you've got to dig to get to it !

    I've dug down as far as 3-4' in some lawns at different times (including our own) retrieve things like slowly-decaying lumber, rotting stumps, plowed-over insulation, you-name-it.

    What happens with fairy ring is the decomposing object begins to secrete nitrogen as a by-product of it's slow decay...but this nitrogen gas is, obviously, concentrated into somewhat of a "cone" shape as it moves upward to the surface.
    Sometimes, in the worst cases, you'll even find (non-edible and non-psychedelic :dizzy:) MUSHROOMS growing around the circumference of the fairy rings!
  7. cross1933

    cross1933 LawnSite Member
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    I was hoping for the edible kind!:dizzy:

    Are there any other causes than a decomposing object buried in the soil? It would not surprise me that the builder buried something in the soil. After the backyard was seeded, that is what they call it, I found 3' piece of wood just below the surface. When I was trenching to bury the gutter drains I pulled up a 3' piece of conduit.

    I have Friday off from work, as long as there is no rain I will be going to Central Sod Farms to get some replacement sod and some new soil.
  8. lawnstriper23

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    I had the same issue last year and just replaced the affected area. Instead of buying new sod I just cut out a "patch" from behind the garage since nobody can see that area. I reseeded the location behind the garage that I took the patch from. Cheaper in the long run. Just my $.02 :)
  9. Marcos

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    It's always something organic...decomposing slowly.

    If you managed to (finally) kill Michael Meyers of "Halloween" fame...for good :hammerhead:....and bury him in your back lawn...

    ...even HE would likely "put out" a fairy ring...eventually !!


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