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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cfosceola, Aug 5, 2005.

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    this is a new one to me, was out doing my normal route and someone from the state of florida stops me and asks me if i was in compliance with the citrus canker regulations, i told him i knew nothing about it, which i didnt, so he asks me for a buisness card so i give him that along with my licsence and he proceeds to fill out some papers while i continue. when i finish up he gives me a folder with the compliance contract along with maps that show me the quarantine zones and a list of chemicals and this is what he tells me i have to do after every yard. i need to blow off the mower, trimmer and edger while still on the property before loading it back on the trailer and spray the underside of the mower and the trimmer and edger, then i am suppose to brush myself off and use an antimicrobial cleanser for my hands and then spray my shoes before getting into my truck and this is to be done after each and every yard. if you get caught not doing it then you can be fined 500.00. also if they stop you and check your spray bottle and its not strong enough then you can be fined for that
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    here is a list of the most important rules in the worst areas ...

    Citrus trees cannot be planted until eradication is declared and the quarantine zone is removed. Eradication is declared after the CCEP conducts two years of inspections without finding citrus canker.
    Citrus trees may not be sold within a quarantine zone.
    Potted citrus is not allowed in the quarantine zone. Potted citrus trees are considered mobile and therefore prohibited. Once found, the CCEP must remove and dispose of the potted citrus tree.
    Citrus material (trees, fruit, rootstock, leaves, potted citrus plants, etc.) cannot be moved. This includes giving citrus fruit to neighbors, shipping fruit, moving citrus trees, or engaging in any other type of movement of citrus material. Some exceptions may be made for shipping to non-citrus bearing states. For more information call the helpline for your area.
    Organizations that come in contact with citrus trees as a normal part of daily duties, such as lawn maintenance companies, must be in compliance with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer ServicesÂ’ decontamination requirements. Once a compliance agreement has been signed, companies will display a Canker Program compliance decal on the bottom of the driverÂ’s-side windshield.
    Citrus tree clippings and/or fruit remains (e.g., peels, seeds, etc.) must be double-bagged in plastic for disposal with regular household garbage, NOT yard trash.
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    Never heard of it. Where were you? We get some work in Osceola county. Mainly Kissimmee and Poinciana.
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    Well, I've never heard of it in the mowing aspect. I do see quaranteen signs on 17/92 around Lake Alfred.
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    I hear of it all the time. Thats why I carry 50/50 bleach water with me all the time. Be on the look out for a U.S.D.A truck. Could be any old truck because I think they just slap a magnetic sign on.
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    Wow, new one to me. Anyone got any pics of an infected tree?
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    Glad I'm not in Fl.
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    I would but there are no more trees. They came about 5 years ago and started cutting everybody's trees down. They would get warrants if you did not let them in your back yard.

    I dont think it harms the fruit at all. It just makes it look unpresentable to buyers in your guys's grocery store.
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    Here is some more info. They take this very seriously, obviously since citrus production is such an important part of our economy in Florida.

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    It is my understanding that it will kill the trees eventually. Miami and Ft Liquiordale were the first area hit by Citrus Canker. I heard they actually had State trooper with the tree removal crews and just went into peoples yards and cut them down and ground the stump. All trash was taken to a burn site and all equipment including the trucks had to be steam cleaned right after dumping at the burn pit.

    My area final got Citrus canker right after the hurricanes, but only in certain section. It is my understanding that all citrus trees in a 1500 ft radius of an infected area must be removed. The State is offering a $ 50.00 WalMart Gift certificate for each tree removed in my area (You figure the gift certificate out, I can't). Any way since I am now retired I have not followed the Citrus Canker thing at all. Therefore I may be misinforming.

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