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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swn, May 16, 2001.

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    I did a mulch job this afternoon at a bank in a neighboring county. When I finished and was cleaning up I noticed my worker talking to Barny Fife. He wanted to speak with me to find out if I had a city occuupational liscence. After I told him no, he was not happy. Said I had to call the courthouse tomorrow and pay a fee. I am liscenced, insured, and pay taxes. I do not want to do any wrong or violate any laws. I guess I should have been more responsible and checked into things like this, I know it is my fault. But, what makes me mad is that I did 2 jobs in that city(a real booming metropolis;) ), made both banks look lot better, was worn out from spreading all that mulch on top of everything else and here comes this police with the attitude that I was the biggest criminal around. Again, if I have to have it I will get it, but I was wondering if he stopped the seemingly hundreds of other guys I passed that were mowing, etc. to see if they were liscenced, insured, paying taxes or had an city occupational liscence.
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    I was wondering the same thing, do you need a license for every city you work in or just the city your business is out of. Tough break, good luck
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    Permits to do work vary in NJ town to town. I do all of my work mainly in 4 towns. 2 of them I need a permit. One is $30 per year and gets me nothing but the right to work there. The other is $10 and they let all permit holders dump grass and debris in their lot from town residents (with a provided list of residents).

    The rules can change town to town so it is smart to check ahead of time to avoid lost time.
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    I know of one town that makes you have a permit and they give you a sticker for the back of your vehicle. Then they charge 1% tax of what you make.

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