City putting me out of business! Seriously!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnlandscape, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    Go to the zoning board and get a special use permit if they have something like that,
  2. Mountain Peak

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    You need to consult with an attorney ASAP. There are different rules everywhere. I used to live in a neighborhood and as long as I parked behind my fence nobody could say a thing. I would think that since you are parked in your garage everyone should mind their own business.
    Call an attorney, most consultations are free.
  3. Shawn S

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    It doesn't sound like you are, but just in case DON'T take his threats lightly. Also keep in mind that this guy is not out to ruin your life. The city councilors (who are elected by the residents of the city) at one time decided that home businesses needed to be regulated and they passed city ordinances to govern such businesses. This guy was hired to enforce these rules, and that is what he is doing. It sounds like you were lucky you got away with it as long as you did. Accept the fact that you were getting off good, and step up to the plate and deal with the mess you are in now. The city didn't put you in this mess, you are in this mess because you were unaware of the ordinances regulating businesses run from your home. You will not likely get out of this on some "technicality" such as you do your work elsewhere. I am not saying you were stupid to run your LCO from your home, just stating you weren't aware that it wasn't OK to do.

    The first thing you should do is go to city hall and ask for whoever deals with licensing home businesses. Once you find that person tell them what your line of business is and ask them if you can do it from your home. Don't assume that the man that knocked on your door knows everything about licensing a home business, he may have been spot on, but he also may have been wrong when he told you it couldn't be done.

    If you don't get an answer that works there, you may have to consult an attorney.

    In the end you may have to rent somewhere to keep some of your stuff. If you do, it is probably not a deal breaker. You can still rent part of your property to keep "some" of your stuff. Get the majority offsite so you can show the city you are complying, and keep a little onsite so you still get some of the tax advantages of using parts of your home for your business.

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    If your really making "hundreds of thousands of dollars a year" like you say then it should be no big deal to rent a small commercial space to store your equipment.

    Quit crying about it and go rent a place, This is the risk you take when operating a business from a residential zoned area.
  5. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Can't you rent a storage unit in the mean time til you figure something else out so you don't have to close up shop?

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    You guys are making it out like they are going to come and force him to shut his business down and destroy his life, They said its against the regs to run a business from the house, if he doesn't stop they will start to fine him. They cant "put you out of business" the worst they can do is make you rent a shop like a big boy and hopefully stop you from cluttering your neighborhood with commercial trucks and trailers. Big whoop. be glad you got away with it for this long and move on.
  7. richardcog

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    It is the same where I live. I had to get a unit but I love it now cause when I come home my work stay there and i can be a father and a husband
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    I'm glad your back in action. Haha
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    If there are other people running businesses out of their homes in your neighborhood get the addresses (keep them to your self) and let the city know that you will be filing discrimination charges(via an attorney).
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    Here is a picture of what my home looks like on a daily basis. Its not messy or cluttered.

    I am VERY clean.

    The second picture is half way up my driveway. All my stuff is 300'+ deep behind my house.



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