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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Easy enough job. I didn't really take any pictures

    Just completed a job for a city where they decided to replace all 15 valves and put them in new boxes

    It was fun except I had to do it all myself which was bs on my bosses part.. Some of the plumbing was very wacked!

    The city speced double valve box 13-24 ( the one above jumbo size )with one inverted and a valve box extension on top to be installed for each 1.5" valve.

    I persuaded them to let me do jumbo boxes and without the extra extension... Still I had to dig down 3' for every valve.

    The valves will have gravel in all of them and i'll clean up the wiring as best as it can be

    The most annoying part was every valve was along a 4000' walkway so EVERYONE HAD TO STOP AND TALK TO ME

    took me 5 days by my self i'm effing beat



  2. irritation

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    What a freaking bunch of bull crap. Will make repairs in the future harder. Why the slipfix when you have a 90 to work with?
  3. mitchgo

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    The city guy made me do slip fixes on all of them. I have to go back and re do me first 4 I did my first day.

    It was in the specs and I thought it was optional as a repair aspect of existing piping.. which all of the piping elbowed right after the valve so I just rebuilt the elbow. He wants the slip fix there so he can spin the male adapter out and replace the valve if need be. I asked him why not double union the valve and he said he hates union's.

    I'm fine with following an approved spec sheet that took multiple people to make.. Not so much when it's someones personal preference.

    OH yeah .. 2 of these valves were 1". It's funny to see a 1" valve in a double jumbo box:laugh: ( He wouldn't pinch for double standard valve boxes)

    Oh well it's just the tax dollars at work right?
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    Nice work sir, wiring makes me cringe a little. Slip fixes? how about galvanized unions? Funny this came up, started thinking about inverting a valve box under each valve, tired of seeing messes or mole fill.
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    forgive my annoying, wana-be-know-it-all, intelligent, smartass-ness :)
    and i say this thinking I might be wrong at the same time., which is actually why im asking

    It seems to me a slip fix, in this photo, will put pressure on the angles and connections, move, in otherwords?

    Would one of those rubbergasket-ed union things be more sturdy than a slip fix here?
    I don't mean to question why you did it mitchgo, I understand considering the mentioned boss.

    I simply recently wondered when one is generally accepted over the other?
    I feel ya on the passer-bys lol, being interested in conversation is where i obtained the "feel" for not striping threads. :)

    Props on your digging stamina, I could not have done that, yet.
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  7. mitchgo

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    No it's the city specifications.

    I told the guy it's our standard to not install slip fixes near elbows but he still wanted them.

    I already put up a disclaimer on the invoicing stating all of this and if it blows up that its not my fault
  8. Mike Leary

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    A professional trying to convince an amateur seldom works. :cry:
  9. 1idejim

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    You build them like they're spec'd unless you get a change order approval.

    Mitch, writing a disclaimer on the statement didn't do one bit of good.

    There is a procedure for making changes or complaints and your boss should have followed it.

    There is also a reason you worked the project alone (prolly prevailing wage) and you are a good representitive of your company.
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    Let me tell you what I think about that ............

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