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  1. Thanks for posting those pix.

    Wow, that might me a bit much to be top dressing. How long long technically is your growing season? If it's until October, my math tells me you'll be putting 4 inches? Yikes!

    I'm no expert with warm season grasses, but does this seem excessive to anyone else?

    Seriously, I admire your plans for such hard work! I seriously doubt you'll need fertilizer! ;)

    Looks great, nice work!
  2. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Our grasses don't actually go dormant until around November. I didn't think there was such thing as "too" much when it came to compost as long as you wasn't smothering the grass. The first application was "decomposed" or "no longer visible" after about the first 7-days. That's why the thought of 30-45 days seemed like enough time in between applications. As far as how much? I only plan to compost through the end of summer, which would be around the end of August early September. I probably won't compost in September and will end it at late August, but if I did include September we would be looking at 7 months x .25" which would be about 2.75" per year of organic material. Why so much? I ask myself the same thing. I'm mowing for a living. Why spend so much time on my lawn? To tell you the truth lawns has always been a passion and hobby for me. Working on my lawn gives me a feeling of a "break" not to mention I love "enjoying" my lawn in my free time. However, I'm HOPING to RADICALLY change our soil structure over a year or two. Most lawns around us are in very, very poor condition. Mostly because of one of two reasons. (Hot dry weather, No irrigation, Water Restrictions) or VERY POOR SOIL CONDITIONS, aside from the lawns that are neglected completely. We have irrigation, our lawn is certainly not neglected, the only downside we have is poor soil conditions, which I'm hoping to change over time. We have a high ph, low OM%, and good Potassium and Calcium. Iron is good, but I believe it's binded up with the high PH.
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    Ours here has lots of iron in it. Has some ammonia in it, mosty nitrogen, occasional pubes and rubber rings. They mix it with composted forest and yard waste products. Good mix, stinks to high hell.
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    I used something like this once. If it stinks, it is not finished compost. It may burn turf & lock up nutrients until it breaks down more in the soil. After that, the results were good. But it took some explaining to keep the customer happy.
    I would not use that source again.
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    I'm waiting to see how the lawn reacts to this new Turkey Compost. I will take a photo after 10-14 days. The City Waste Compost I used didn't seem near as bad as what you guys used. Defiantly no rubbers un-wanted stuff in view in the compost. It actually appeared like compost, just a little bit lighter in color than I wanted. As far as smell, it didn't stink at all. Actually smelled good. The new Turkey Compost I used this week had almost a dark black color and smelled like winter fresh air. I think from now on I will be using the more expensive Turkey Compost throughout the year. I got it booked on my schedule for every 7th of the month I'm going to be putting down a .25" layer. I would love to hear someone first hand that actually compost their lawn at least 3-4 times a year.
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    Just don't use it for edibles. They don't tell you there's traces of pharmaceuticals and god knows what else.
  7. Agreed. You do not want to plant veggies in this material.... :hammerhead:
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    Excuse my picture quality with the crappy phone today, but weeks after the 2nd composting of a .25" of compost, the zoysia is 99.5% green! As I said, my phone wanted to have crappy quality today, but the green is actually much, much, much darker and the yard is at about 99%. I've been waiting on the mowing for almost two weeks letting the compost work its way into the soil. I was excited to get to mow and clean it up today. The yard is looking healthy. I put the sand down in the middle to help level it up. Still have some leveling to go, but managed to get it down to 1" without any scalping. Still have some leveling to do though!

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