city work and bidding?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, May 26, 2004.

  1. fga

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    I did an estimate for a city job today. they want plants, flowers (ON THE SECOND FLOOR;) ;) ) and some sod along the side of the building. I did some work for them last year. last year i was told if i keep the price under a g, then there is no need for a bidding process, the job is mine. so i wrote up an estimate that came out to $1080, then made up some make believe discount:) :angel: that brought it down under a $1000. job mine, job done.
    this year they want to spend more money, so they are encouraging padding the bill, as long as its under $1500. the thing is, she asked if i would be able to get 2 other needed higher bids. I have alot of friends in the biz, as well as family. is it wrong to ask them to write up a high estimate? and if they do, do i throw them some $$$$ and how much? $1500 isn't alot of money, but for what they want, 350 - 500 for material would cover it. mostly flats of flowers, 200 sqft sod and some potted 5 gallon plants.

    anyone else ever work on top of a building, its only the second floor landing, but its really high cuz the building is on a hill. i have to lug all material up 2 flights of stairs. better than a stairmaster i guess........
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    Its all business ethics really. I'm sure most the top dawgs that run this country operate that way. Its your call business is business
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    Ive done it before, he put in a really high bid, and i raised my bid again a couple bucks and gave my buddy some of it for turning in a high bid. Its all business anyways. I do city work and am usually the highest bidder, but still get the job anyways due to experience and past work they have seen of mine.
  4. fga

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    The only gripe i have working on this property is, they don't give you a deposit, and it takes about 3 weeks to recieve payment. They submit the bill to the city when i give my bill at completion of the job.
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    I assume since this is a city job that you are being paid with tax dollars, am I right? I wouldn't let to many people know what you are doing, escpecially others who are bidding against you. This sort of practice by city officials is known as "collusion" and is illegal when it comes to citizens tax dollars. I would be careful, I know a contractor that got himself in a mess of trouble doing that with a state bid. I know its not much money but I wouldn't spread it around.
  6. fga

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    well the pricing on this job is legitimate. I price this work like a would anything else, we just add more work to fit into a price range. there wouldn't even be a need for bidding if the job were under a g. it would just be i got the oppurtunity to do the job rather than someone elsecuz i've done work for them in the past. i wouldn't have a problem bidding against anyone, I'm not starving for work. they approached me and asked about the other 2 bids.

    thanks for the heads up though.

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