CJ's Lawn Maintenance


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My name is Chad And the name of my New company is CJ's. I
take care of various apt. complexes lawn care needs we do
everything from mowing to pruning ect.... Were in Washington
State.Yes we do work all year around! Were starting out with some equipment that I had left from my business before.

36" Skag Mower
36" Ramsie Mower
Echo weedeater& blower
And Various other hand tools
A rusty trailer
87 GMC crew cab truck { I traded my K-5 Blazer in for a work truck}

Were just starting out and hope to have new or slightly used equipment soon.

I enjoy sports and love to shoot hoops.I'm looking Forward to my birthday which is Halloween, cause I'll be marring my sweetie who also work with me she's just learning this business. and doing a really good job at it.