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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mwalz, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Well for the record, i put out around 800 door hangers, i currently have 2 Craigslist ads going and i will get around to getting more up. The Craigslist ad has got just as many calls as the door hangers. although i have not landed any of those jobs, a few for stupid reasons. I still find it interesting both yielded the same amount of calls. The only problem people call on craigslist for lawn service who live 70 miles from here i say i service. Like really do they think i will drive that far for one job?
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    I experience that quite a bit too. I list by city my EXACT service areas/suburb cities and still get calls from people all the way across town. They just don't like to read the full ad I suppose... I have had GREAT success from Craigslist though with about 75% of my clients from there. Great clients too. Keep posting and keep them up daily. That's when I get the best results is when I stay on top of posting my ads. I usually get 3-4 calls a week and have been getting on average a new weekly customer every other week and sometimes every week. The others I am either too expensive for or again, they are out of my service area.

    Keep them posting and good luck!
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    Looks good. I would recommend using some different ads and see which ones are getting you calls.

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