Classen or Lesco 42

Red Iron Rider

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ladies and gentlemen,
what is the going freight for a classen or lesco 42" tow behind aerator? am thinking of trying to budget for one next year. haven't had a chance to go to lesco yet.
would also like to know if i could tow it with my toro z master #z149, kawasaki 19 hp, with damaging the hydros?
thanks in advance, robert


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A Lesco 42" runs from $1200- $1300, depending if its on sale or not. Thats if you pick it up from the dealer. Mail freight would depend on how far the Lesco or Classen has tobe shipped. I ordered a 60" from my local Lesco dealer and I'm still waiting for it. Don't they know it's aeration season? Go check Eric's web site he has a Lesco 42" with a 3 point hitch.

Eric ELM

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Just go to Lesco, our Lesco stocks this model. It's a solid built machine and works great. If you get one, let me know, I'll tell you how to use the wheels as gauge wheels.