CLASSEN sa-25 stand on aerator or EXMARK 30" stand on aerator

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    I work for a toro dealer. We have both the classen and the toro ride on aerators. I used both this year on the yards I maintain on the side. The toro is amazing compared to the classen. Much quicker and easier to use and a more comfortable ride. We may have a demo ride on toro if you are interested. We are in north carolina. PM if interested.
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    We purchased a standon Exmark Aerator - It is wonderful!!! We did almost twice as many yards as normal and it pulls a deeper plug. One of the best things about this purchase is that our men were not worn out the next day. They have all thanked me for the purchase and consider it the best investment we have made (lol).
    Don't worry about not getting it into a gate as you still need to have a smaller aerator to get in the smaller areas and we always have another full size walk behind as a back up. However, there were some recalls on it as this is the first season it has been out - the dealer took care of it right away.
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    Any body have pics of the aerators?
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