Classen TS-20 Slit Seeder


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Blackstone, Va.
I bought a Classen Slit Seeder this fall. I thought I would use it a great deal and it would be a very handy machine. I was very dissappointed. Should I sell this machine or keep it is what I keep asking myself. The yards I do mostly are core aerated.

How many of you use a slit seeder and when are they most beneficial to you?

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
The type of grass you have will determine the usefulness of a slit seeder. I have a Blue Bird that I used a lot when I lived in MD. They tend to have a lot of cool season grasses with some Zoysia and Burmuda thrown in for good measure.

When I moved here to NC I brought my Blue Bird with me. I replaced all of the knives and the drive side bearing. It is like a brand new slit seeder now. The problem is the predominate grass here is Centipede. A slit seeder makes a ferocious mess out of Centipede. I tried it on one lawn and it hasn't been out of the shed since.

SouthSide Cutter

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Washington In
Conditions have alot to do with the outcome. I got a 24" LS and have had good results on some and not so good on others. Rain has alot to do with it. I try to watch the weather. Now if you dont wont it to grow it will. Just throw some in your landscape or rock drive and every seed will germinate. Ground temp is critical also.