Classen vs bluebird

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IslaMan, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. IslaMan

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    Hi All

    I get better pricing on Classen and just picked up a Power Raker, it works fine. I'm now looking into a aerator and have never seen a Classen work, we rent Bluebirds. Anybody have an opinion Classen vs Bluebird
  2. naturescaretaker

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    We've owned Classen and BlueBird areators. Until last month I was sold on BlueBird. Then we bought a Turfco Turnaer 6. Fantastic machine. It has paid for itself in the first month and now nobody wants to use the BlueBird. The ability to turn corners, sharp corners is amazing. Before you buy any other aerator, look at the Turnaer 6.
  3. Golfpro21

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    the new classen, are the same idea as the turfco............split drives so you control both sides and can turn much easier and do not have to lullup the drum to turn......correct me if I am wrong....hope I am not since we just ordered a classen
  4. grassman177

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    they do work like that, but they are heavy as hell and the tires are solid which makes using them in wet conditions very hard work when you do have to use the rear tires in turf. they need air tires on them.

    we had one for several years but no one would use it due to the cumbersome nature of the machine. it was NOT easier to any of them than say a ryan lawnaire we have.

    since selling the classen, we have gone plugr hydro baby!

    now, as far as classen euipment goes, the verticutters etc are very nice and durable. have three of them plus a slit seeder. great machines

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