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    I am in Cypress, Texas an would like to know from people in my area if there is a class to prep for the state test. I have taken the 60 hour class and have taken the state test and failed the hydraulic part of the test. There were questions on here that we did not go over in the class and I would like to have some help with this section. I would like to not have to spend another $500, but would like to have this done before the next growing season.
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    What firm did you utilize to complete your basic training requirements?
  3. skurkp

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    Houston Community College.
  4. JCinTx

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    It’s hard to believe that they didn’t emphasize the hydraulic section more, in the form of many many practice sets, especially because this is the portion of the test that seems to trip individuals up the most. Call Dave McCullough, I believe he does refresher courses for $70-100, and also one on one tutoring. His # is 832-661-2882 and he’s located in Friendswood. Hope it helps!
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    Agree with JC. Dave McCullough is good. He usually offers his refresher course 1-2 weeks before the scheduled exams.
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    I have talked to Dave and he is not offering any classes for refresher at this time. Yes the instructor I had spent more time talking about himself than with the class issues. Some of us wanted to learn and some did not care.
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    Hey skurp----

    Check out

    When the page loads.......look for irrigation reviews, click on the link.
    They have one coming up in Houston. I attended the design review class a couple of years ago, and a friend of mine went to the hydraulic review. It helped.

    I know a lot of people have trouble with hydraulics, probably just because math is not their strong subject. It came easy for me.

    I have heard (don't know how true) that if you contact the state, they will try to tell you where you need help. They can't be specific, but, generally be able to tell you where you went wrong.

    See ya----

    edit: when the home page on training (on the right), then look for irrigation reviews.
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    I always thought it was "Oh chit!" :p

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