Clay ground.....compost or topsoil???????

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by New Image Lawn and Scapes, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I have a customer whos ground is pretty nasty. It is that clay sand like crap. What should I do to ammend it? It is about 10,000 sq. ft. How much will I need? Thanks in advance.
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    Is it soil around new construction? Can you feel grains of sand if you rub the soil between your fingers? If it really is a sandy clay there is a slight risk of plugging up what little pore space there is with organic matter. It's harder to say without a particle size analysis. I would go with a 2" layer of compost tilled into a depth of 6-8". Avoid working the soil when it is wet. That might be how it got to be so bad (rough grading was done when the soil was mud). Good luck. I have a similar job coming up that is only 900 sq ft. Customer wants us to replace 8" of soil. That's a lot of money.
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    I disagree..there is no risk adding compost to sandy won't fill any remaining pore space with it.All you will be doing is improving the soil structure.
    I recommend at least twice that amount of compost or more.
  4. Going to all that work, GET A SOIL TEST FIRST!!!

    Don't add topsoil ontop of that concrete (clay sand mix)

    Add the proper nutrients to correct soil chemistry, add well decomposted compost, 2-4 inches, till in well to depth of 6-8 inches.

    1 yd will cover 108 sq ft at 3 inch depth.

    It's the sand in the mix that is the real killer
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    Never add topsoil to anything. You never know where the soil has come from. It comes mainly from construction sites. Definitely use compost or something like mushroom soil which has a lot of nutrients in the soil.
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    Nobody said anything about adding topsoil that I read here... oops sorry it is in the title.
  7. By definition, topsoil is the most outer soil, that's why it's call topsoil.

    Topsoil on a beach along the water, proably all sand!

    just because you buy topsoil, that doesn't mean it is good!

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