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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Smallaxe, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I did ....

    There are exceptions to everything, and I disagree soil structure only impacts preferential flow. Understand that soil structure "by definition" states nothing about preferential flow nor can one derive potential water flow characteristics from the definition.

    The combination or arrangement of primary soil particles into secondary units or peds. The secondary units are characterized on the basis of size, shape, and grade (degree of distinctness).

    You stated soil structure is not important in turf, and I disagreed. That was followed with some research on your part and realization that soil structure is indeed important. So I guess thanks for clearing up your previously erroneous statement.
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    I said that soil structure is not *THAT* important in turf -- meaning that soil structure has less impact on turf management than many other factors. Nothing is erroneous and nothing has been backtracked.

    But, I'll take that as an apology for you not understanding the role of soil structure in turfgrass systems.

    Apology accepted.
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    Actually you said .....

    I think it is quite clear what the statement says .... but then I suppose you will want to argue that soil structure isn't "that" important by listing the specific management differences between a "structureless solid mass" and a well structured soil. Perhaps you will choose specific essentially irrelevant examples in an attempt to justify your statement.

    Or, you might start with discussing impacts (or lack thereof) on soil and plant health, with specific reference to soil fauna and their impact on soil formation. You could also discuss impacts (or lack thereof) on irrigation & water management, soil fertility & nutrient management, and pest management. Certainly if you can show little to no impact on these factors as a result of differences in soil structure then you might begin to demonstrate how soil structure is not "that" important. I wish you luck.

    Hmmmm .... projecting.

    Yes, I do accept your apology.
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    This was a very simple and succinct description of soil texture and how soil is built from molecules to visible granular structures... but one guy has a different article to post, rather than intelligently engage in discussion to help 'understanding' of the material presented... another guy diverts discussion in another direction about the article relating to agriculture... soil texture is soil texture and soil structure is soil structure, whether it is ag. or lawn, but being condescending and insulting seems to be the most important theme of the thread... now there is some nonsensical childish arguement going on,,, that no one cares about... :laugh:

    However, overall the mission of killing the thread was accomplished... the next time a question could've been answered by looking at the soil, it will be ignored, becuz there is still no concept of why the soil is important... the answer may be cinch bugs... :laugh:
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    No offense Smalls, but once again the question, point or whatever else you were trying to make was not "succinct" and was not about "soil texture", but about "soil structure". If you want a simple, straightforward discussion on a topic, then I would suggest presenting the question and/or material in the same manner. I quote your "succinct" introduction before anybody else even commented:

    Again, not a "succinct" question. You opened yourself up to opinion and not factual evidence.
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    I didn't have any questions about the article, but I found it informative and easy to understand so I knew it would be useful as information... Mr. 'A' posted 3 more 'urls' and didn't even put out relevant inserts that might be interesting... Mr. 'B' come in with snotty comments in every sentence becuz soil structure and even texture in this article doesn't apply to lawns becuz it was written by agri-science...
    I didn't really expect any commentary for the post but rather put it out there so that LCOs could understand that physically handling and observing the soil, IS a useful thing to do... a diagnostic tool that would elevate conversation beyond the meaningless chatter of the past couple of days... I find that those who mock really can't grasp the full meaning of what is being presented and rather than have discussion that might help them understand they go off on personal attacks...
    If you want to join forces with the mockers to attack me, don't waste your time,becuz the information I presented is the brainchild of a university, so go mock them... you're not interested and you believe that ALL lawn problems have NOTHING to do with soil texture or structure, then you go along at that level, but don't bother mocking me or information about soils... BTW the article also defined soil texture, just to be sure that everyone was on the same page... why did you miss that???
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    If a question is necessary for each newlyposted thread ,,, how about this:

    Does good soil structure, allowing good perculation AND assuming "Proper Irrigation" less likely to have "Fungal Disease" than soils that do NOT have good perculation becuz of poor structure, even though the irrigation practices on both are equal???
    Why or why not???

    A comment like "Too many factors to know" is an unacceptable response, in fact is a coppout, and only used to demean the person asking the question... this situation is ALWAYS predictable... prove me wrong... :)
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    First, you did post an open-ended question on your last post as shown below (see below), which probably explains why you received the posts you did and why everyone went in so many different directions.

    Second, I am not mocking you. I simply poined to the fact that your initial post(s) were not succinct as you suggested and that whatever point you were trying to make was not exactly clear. Again, no offense, but you still haven't figured out how to effectively communicate your questions, your points, or whatever else you try to make on this forum and I have politely tried to communicate this to you in the past.

    Third, I never commented on the technical content of the university studies or on your opinions on the topic(s), so please don't throw me into the group of people that are supposedly "mocking you".
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    I'm not talking down to anyone,,, just curious if soil structure matters to anyone one this forum...
    WHY? ...or... WHY NOT???

    OK, you're not on the attack...

    You should've noticed that the question was not open-ended and required a Yes or No response, with perhaps a brief comment, but comment wasn't necessary... did anyone even address the question you claim was open-ended??? did anyone even hint at a Y/N response???

    Maybe I am a poor communicator and certainly don't claim to be anything better. in that regard,,, but I'm not sure just how the Highlighted Y/N part of my question was missed,,, other than being purposely IGNORED...
    Thanks for being my friend... :)
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    A "WHY?" or "WHY NOT?" question is not a YES or NO question and requires more than a single word to answer it, especially when prefaced with.."just curious if soil structure matters to anyone on this forum".

    I copied your question exactly as you posted it. Where is the "Y/N part" of your question that I quoted above?

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