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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ResslerLawnCare, Jun 18, 2014.

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    They make a deck washing attachment for the wand end of your pressure wash wand. It has 4 spray heads and is like 14 inches wide...take the wheels off it and flip it can pressure wash the crap off the under side of the deck with mower setting on your trailer in 5 minutes then blow the trailer with the back pack ... It's 10-15 minutes tops. You can hit anything else when you install sharp blades at the end of the day.

    You said you check blades every two weeks? You should be putting on sharp blades daily.....?

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  2. ResslerLawnCare

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    I have upgraded my sharpening schedule to weekly and we clean the deck by attaching the hose to the deck washing ports every other day. That has helped out a lot.

    As for sharp blades daily, how often do you have to replace if you are sharpening that much?
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    There are times I have to scrape decks in the middle of the day. If im mowing tall wet grass, I scrape the deck right away before loadingon the trailer. It takes 2 min. Scrape often, its amazing how easy it is when you keep up on it. Those hose ports, are about useless. Just scrape it every day, before loading it up at the last stop. That way you start each morning with a clean deck. As for blades, I am running the G5's and have found I am sharpening alot less frequently.
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    ive always wished they made ' deck inserts ' which had bolts coming up from there bottom that fit through holes you drill in deck , then you afix with wing nuts . when deck insert gets coated you unscrew plus remove blades and the insert is then seperated from deck so you can turn it down side up and wash the heck outta it with a pressure washer

    ive also wondered if they could put a hole in top of deck that a blower tube afixes to , you then run the blower while mowing so the grass is being blown out quickly so that it cant get plastered to the deck

    on our walk behinds we tilt em up on street after mowing and wedge a cinder block under back end of deck to keep em propped up so we can do a quick grass scrape . then sweep up the street n blow
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    Not often.

    But it depends on how many lawns you have....

    If you have 20 accounts for the whole week, you don't have to sharpen daily, but if you do 10 to 20 a day, you have to sharpen daily. Regardless, you charge accordingly.

    You seem worried about not getting new shouldn't be. If purchasing new blades for you is the thought "should I pay my electric or buy new blades this month?" you're not charging enough and your business isn't separated from your life.

    Even if you don't change your blades every should at least check them every day, along with the deck.

    Every single morning I do the following.....

    Check truck oil level
    check truck transmission level
    check truck tire air pressure.
    check trailer tire pressure
    check both mowers oil level
    check both mowers transmission.
    check and sharpen, if needed, both mowers blades.
    Clean both mowers decks for grass as you stated. A simple paint scraper and 5 minutes is all you need for this simple task.
    check both mowers tire pressure.
    Check velke tire pressure

    If you don't have time to do that in the morning? You're not running a business.

    I have given up 6 family BBQs that my wife went to this year because I had to work on equipment, paperwork or meet a client for a bid. The little things matter......the 10 minutes spent checking so called "mundane insignificant easy stuff" will save your hundreds of dollars in the future and hours of wasted time.

    Your weekly checks are more involved than that and your monthly checks go into even more detail.....

    It's called "PMCS"..........Preventive Maintenance Checks & Services.

    PREVENTIVE is the main word....people may think it is ridiculous to check these things daily...............................weekly................and even monthly.........but the word is PREVENTIVE so it PREVENTS problems in the future........I would rather check my oil every freaking day and it is exactly the same level, than never check it and 2 weeks out the engine seizes and WHAM you have a ton of money to spend on a repair when if you took 30 seconds out of your morning...ya could have PREVENTED it from happening at all.
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  6. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    Please don't use a cinder block for this. A block of wood is much safer. A cinder block is not designed for an acute pressure point such as this. They will fail and drop the mower on your head. A block of wood or even a cheap Chinese Jack stand is much safer.
  7. Golfpro21

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    if you suck at sharpening blades you will go thru a set of blades really fast.
    We have an oregon sharpener and it has drastically cut down on the number of blades I have to order each year. Trick is to sharpen them with as little pressure as possible.

    We change out blades approx every 8 hours of mowing per machine
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    Looks like someone needs to get some better equipment, my Man. :rolleyes:
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    To the OP....I am not familiar with your machine but have used quite a few different types...some blades are one setting and some are adjustable with spacers on the blade shaft. If it is an adjustable set up make sure the blades are not at it's highest setting in the deck. If they are set them to a lower setting and adjust your mowers wheels the same height higher for same cutting height on the lawn. This will give you the space needed for blade fins to clear clippings built up on decks underside. And agreed with other posters... If it takes your guys an hour to clean one deck sign me up! That job sounds like gravy money!
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    good point . and i know better but the block is easier to lug around than a log like i use at home . guess im gonna screw several peices of 2X8 together then screw a carrying handle to side of it so its easy to grab and fling under deck edge

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