Clean them 2-strokes


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I was reading a thread about how some people take their weedeaters and blowers apart. so, I decided to take my hand blower apart and clean the dirt. It was amazing how much dirt and grass was clinging to the carb. It was a wonder this thing even ran. I will now blow all the tubes out and clean all the parts with a q tip. Any special tips before i proceed further. I took everything apart and laid all the screws next to all the parts that I took off the blower.


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Hey man, you might as well buy a carb rebuild kit while you have it apart, if you won't be using it for a while anyway. It should be dirt cheap and easy to find. You'll get new seals and a needle and seat, etc. Check into at your friendly dealer today!

Good thought, but one small problem. Most of the Carbs that come on small machines now are basic throw aways. I've never seen in the last 2 years a re-buildiable carb for a hand held or backback machine. The only thing that is re-placable are the outside gaskets.

Do you have access to an air compresser? Just by blowing clean the outside(not taking carb or air filter off) on all machines reduces the gunk that tends to build up on the machines. You still have to do the bigger maintenance once a week during dusty periods.

I blow our machines every friday, when real dirty, late summer, Tuesdays also. Remember to change your air filter too.


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Clean it good. And dont wake a sleeping snake.
just mine. I have found the mix to be the most important thing. Agian just mine TM


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You need to blow through the muffler with an air compressor, mud dobbers like to build nests in them and carbon clogs them up. It can cause it to not have much power and can even keep it from running.