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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WannabeLawnMan, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. WannabeLawnMan

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    Okay, I have done a little searching and have not found exactly what I am looking for. Recently, I have had some customers not complain.... but just mention they would like to see better clean up after mowing. We have had a boat load of rain and grass is of course growing like crazy, so when I mow, trim & edge.... there is quite a bit of grass clippings that will fall onto the street, curb, sidewalk, etc. I use my blower to try and blow everything into the best pile I can and then I sweep it up and either bag it or throw it in the home owner's trash cans. But there really isn't anyway to get it perfectly clean. I could spend 45 minutes manually sweeping the sidewalks and curbs and what not, but who can afford to do that. I am using a little Toro 22" Mower. It's a mulcher and I have recently sharpened the blade. So short of bagging every customers house, I am at a loss. What do you guys do? How do you respond to this type of feedback? My blower will also vacuum.... should I be vacuuming up the overage??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Do you pay taxes? Are you insured? I don't mean your vehicle. Do you have insurance on your business? Are you working for beer money for the weekend?
    Are you putting your self through school? So that you don't have to do this forever? Are you providing insurance for your employees? I could go on.

    What is your angle? Live at home with parents? Wannabe man?
  3. carcrz

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    captken, take it easy on the guy

    Just curious though, if it's a mulching mower, how are you even getting anything on the surfaces? Every mulcher I've used dropped it right underneath me when I was cutting, unless I came off the curb & knocked it loose. But, I've never used any push mowers for commercial use either.

    If it's wet grass that I'm cleaning up from side discharge, I've found a backpack blower works the best. If needed, I use my handheld @ the same time; I.e. tube in the right & handheld in the left.
  4. GrassyTomm

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    A blower can do a much better job than 45 minutes of sweeping can.
  5. captken

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    Sorry, I can get carried away. I have bills to pay and after that I have guys who depend on me to pay them so that they can pay their bills....feed their family, you get the drift....

    I wish for a professional forum.
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    I don't get it either.

    He should be able to blow the excess back onto the lawn, if there are clumps on the lawn use the blower to break them up...

    21" mulchers and tall grass don't work well together.
  7. WannabeLawnMan

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    CaptKen, I am not sure what "I wish for a professional forum." implies, but I appreciate any and all feedback. Yes, I am licensed and pay taxes. No, I am not insured. As you may have encountered, in my state you must be self-employed a given length of time before most reputable insurance companies will write you. In my case this is two years. I am a newbie, so the "Wanna be" name was just something I thought would be funny. But I am a professional and do look to other professionals in the business for advice. I know there are a lot of fly by nighters out there..... I don't aim to be one of those. I aim to be reputable and legit. No hard feelings.

    As far as the mower, I am a newbie starting out and don't quite have the 9K for the Walker yet and have not built my accounts up yet to invest in something bigger. So for now I use a little TORO Self-Propelled job. Works well. But, everything says Mulching mower. The blade is a mulcher, the deck is a mulching deck and the blade was just sharpened. Yet, if you tip the mower back (front wheels off the ground) to turn or pivot it will throw grass. Grass is dry so slightly damp in some cases. Are you saying this is not right?? Do any of you guys have to sweep afterwards? When using a blower, where are you blowing it too? My customers today seemed to be comment on not wanting it blown in the street.

    Thanks again for the help and feedback.
  8. carcrz

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    If you want it to look like the homeowner did it themselves, blow it in the street. No pros sweep, that's why they make blowers for blowing the grass back onto the lawn.

    I wasn't knocking your equipment, but you definitely don't want to be mulching around our area when it has been raining almost 5" a week all year. What height are you cutting at? You might try raising the height to the highest point & then going over it a second time to get it to regular height. You might also need to adjust your schedule to include more frequent visits so you don't have so much to cut off at one time. Make sure you are charging accordingly for any add'l work involved.

    You could also just give them my number. :laugh: Never hurts to ask. :waving:
  9. GreenT

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  10. WannabeLawnMan

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    Well I typically cut it down to about 2.75" on the fescue I got. I got a few customers where its really all weed.... those I just mow. But with the rain, etc. that we have had, when I get to the account for the week the lawn could be sitting at 4".... Not to sound too new, but supposedly only wanting to cut a 1/3 of the grass length at a time... that should be doable. 4" length then I mow it to about 2.5-2.75". I guess my mower is just a little underpowered for that 1.5" cut of grass and that is why it doesn't come off the grass clean when I hit concrete. Its that over throw of grass that gets me on clean-up.

    Thanks for the help

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