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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by CJIII, Jul 10, 2002.

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    Hey how many of u guys do clean up work and lot clearing. I am planning buying me a dump truck and trailer and a 873 Bobcat loader and some attachments when I get my lawn service up and running.
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    To do lot clearing with a trailer, dump truck, and bobcat is unrealistic. In order to do land clearing you need at MINIMUM! a 4x4 dump truck with as big a chip box as you can get... a wood chipper (if you will be clearing on a regular basis you need something around an 1800 / 2400 / Intimidator / 280XP. All of those machines right there are about 40K, give or take 10G's roughly. You also need lots of chain saws, ropes, chains, blocks, insurance, etc. The skid steer does help... but only if you have a log / brush grapple for it as well as possibly a stump grinder attachment. The grinder depends on if the builder wants the stumps dug or ground. Most guys want em pulled and run through a tub grinder or hauled. Tub grinder is $4,000 a day. Also access to a logging truck helps as lots can contain a LOT of firewood. Better off selling whatever timber you can. Also you have to take into consideration this when pricing clearing... you with a truck and hand fed chipper can do any job. However it will take you a lot longer than somebody who is going in with a BIG chipper that gets towed behind a semi, along with skidders, Feller Bunchers, and all of that stuff. You may both price it the same... but the time it will take both of you to complete the job will be quite different. Now if you get into the technical aspects of clearing... then you can make some really good money. But to do that you have to know more than just how to fell a tree and clean it up.

    These are just things to think about in regards to land clearing.

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