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    Since everybody asks for helps with bids i thought i would to, so here it goes. My old boss asked me to do a little clean-up for him in the backyard of one of the houses that he owns. The yard is shaped in an L and is about 15 ft wide by about 60 feet long. There is about a pick-up worths of debris (mostly leaves and sticks), what would you guys charge, I fiqure 1 man, about an hour or so to come to 75.00, I am not the best at bidding so any help would be appreciated:confused:
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    why remove leaves? heres what i would do.....

    remove all sticks, branches etc and put in truck. After this go with ur mowers and mulch up the leaves, do this two times if needed, if after two times if many leaves are still there (doubt it) go along and bag with the mower. i agree with you and would charge by the hour
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    $75 for an hour would be about what I'd charge I think. Sounds kind of high though. But you do have to haul it off. So I think it's justifiable. I'd just blow and tarp.

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    spring cleanups are too hard to pick out the twigs. its just as easy to blow out all the beds and grassy areas and pick them up. youll eat up too much time trying to pick up the little twigs and such. i usually get $50 a man hour doing spring cleanups, but if you have to haul it away, your price is reasonable i think.
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    Thanks for the reply's, i think that i will bring it down to 70 just to make it sound a littlke better to the customer.

    Thanks again

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