clean ups..who's almost done?


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Yea rtyus, we just got our first freezing temps monday night and still plenty of leaves up in the air. The ground had dew on it but it was not frost at 5am when I got up so I think we still have a few weeks of grass to mow over here.


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Some tree pruning and mulching left at one commercial account, about 2 days work, and a re-do of another commercial property that I did last weekend and not all the leaves had fallen. Went to see it today and it looked as if no one had been there for weeks. Leaves everywhere. Sometimes we have to be smarter than the leaves.
Just getting started on cleanups here. The trees just did not want to lose their leaves this year. Still mowing grass, mulching, plantings. Will be busy until christmas alteast and maybe after that as well.


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NE Ohio
Our cleanups are about over here. we should finish up tomorrow and then it's shop and snow time... Happy turkey day all............


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Morris County,NJ
After turkey day,I do a final cleanup including mowing the lawns and applying fertilizer and thats it.I have a couple of seeding jobs and a tree to cut down,and thats it.I usually stop around Dec. 15 every year unless there is snow. I cant wait to get up at 9 or 10 in the morning if i feel like it. :)

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I have another weeks worth of cleanups left then I have a pavers walk to do, a 3 day clearing job and possibly a clearing job for a builder I do work for depending on how soon the project is ready to go and probly a planting job then that should finish of the year I guess. I have probly 2-4 more weeks left.


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finished my last two today. I am now just waiting for late callers. Heck I had to salt sidewalks this morning because of ice

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Dayton, OH
Just did my last yesterday.......the leaves were nicely frozen in the gutters.......But it was all worth it....I averaged over $70 /hour this year on clean-ups. I work alone and price by the job. I really improved my estimating this year.


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