clean-ups with mulch kits?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DeWitt Lawncare, Mar 30, 2006.

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    :confused: Everyone that is posting is still missing the point. Only a very small few have stated that they make ONE pass over the yard. Most, if not all, are making several passes. I'm not sure what bagger you guys are using, but one pass and I'm done.
    Pull up to the property, blow out beds, etc.. get leaves/sticks/whatever in the yard and then mow. ONE pass and be done. I don't understand taking the time to mulch when I GUARANTEE more than one pass in anytype of "tougher" conditions.
    In the end it is just opinions, but I have tried all options, raking, mulching, and bagging. The bagging left the yard cleaner and in half the time. The bagger costs twice, if not more, as a mulch kit, but pays for itself in a week of use. Keep your air filters clean and bag. My bag holds 10 bushel, which as long as the yard is maintained will do most yards in one bag. If I get full I pull up to my dump and empty my bags. Takes 45 seconds.
    My .02 cents.
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    agreed, if they are fine with good mulching, that good. if not just bag it and charge a fee for removal then too, Accellerator industries large aluminum baggers are your friend :) I just got one for my 34" walkbehind Simplicity and it works awesome, i have the 4.15cu version, for leaf cleanups i would get the 12cu model with the extender piece to fill up more on my 61" deck ferris mower.
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    I agree with you when you say one pass does it with a good bagging system. Not a doubt. The benefit for me is that I dont have a GOOD bagging system and Im not set up to haul alot of debris (dump bed, etc..) not to mention going to the dump is an hour long ordeal and about $20 total cost.....that is a big reason I mulch....even with two or three passes, nothing to haul, Im done.

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