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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by surfisher211, May 1, 2005.

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    i am tired of going to jobs and looking at the mess , and throwing a price to the people so this year i started to charge for clean ups on the sq ft of the property, i have been going with 3 charges . first if the people are from the previous year and i have done a fall clean up i charge them 1 cent a sq ft so a yard 120x100 = 12,000 sq ft and a 1 cent thats $120 then i also charge them a $25 dumping fee to cover my gas so thats $ 145.00 for about an hour clean up. now if the yard has allot of leaves and twigs i charge 2 cents per sq so that 120x100 yard at 12,000 sq ft would cost them $ 240.00 + the 25$ dumping fee = 265.00 and a full blown mess of a yard i charge 3 cents per sq so that same yard at 12000 sq ft would cost them 360.00 + how ever many times i have to go dump @ $ 25 per trip.. now do u guys think this is a good formula or am i nuts ? any help is appreciated ;)

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