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We gave an estimate today for a leaf clean-up. The yard is quite large roughly an acre and a half. Leaves are not littered all over but are heavy and wet under the trees. To get to the point, i like to just mulch them with my mowers but by the time i get them to dust i sometimes think it would be best to just use the peco that is on the back and suck them up. But then i have to charge a removal fee that the customer doesnt want to pay. So the customer says just mulch them, but it would save me time, and fuel, and maintenance costs to just suck them up in the peco. Anyone with any wise advice?

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Tell the customer you won't charge him a dime for startimg a compost pile! Leave the leaves on his property.


gene gls

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When you are asked to quote a job you have to use your best judgement as to how best to perform the job to satisfy the property owner and yourself.You don't want to leave a job looking like its only half done for the neighbors to gossip about. In my area I haul the leaves away. I quote the job to include the removal or blowing into surrounding woods and don't give mulching as an oppsion because there are to many leaves to try and hide.