Clean Your Kawi Heads

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Your engines may look clean when you peer down through the pull start screen but don't be fooled. Once a year it's good to take the pull start and other stuff off the engine to expose the heads. You will be amazed at how much stuff get trapped on the heads and insulates it effecting it's ability to cool it's self.

    If the engine runs hot it will ruin the two gaskets and you'll starting leaking oil. Once oil mixes with the stuff built up on the heads it's hell to get it all clean.
  2. ed2hess

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    Good idea to pull the top cowing off since a lot of them start leaking oil during warranty and some people miss that until it pours down.
  3. Golfpro21

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    thanks for the heads up....wil be sure to do this
  4. BigFish

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    You should try to clean em once a month. Remember its air cooled!
    Ya might be able to stretch it out to every other month.
    It's cheap insurance, to say the least!
  5. Str8Liner

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    True True, at work we have all Toro prolines, grandstands and Scag WBs all with electric start Kawa's and we carry windsheild snow brushes. Hold them over the top while it runs and it keeps it clean and breathing. Kawa's worst enemy is getting hot, so we keep'em clean and use a thicker oil.
  6. RickyDL77

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    Or this will happen!! Machine was rarely used 4 years old, 1100 hrs crew felt since they hardly used it, they didnt need to clean as often as the rest.. luckaly only damaged #2 cylinder head and alot of cleaning.. went ahead and charged the crew with new pistons, rings, valves, guides, rods, gov assy. #2 head gaskets and seals.. 10 hours to do, half was in the cleanup lol

    Never even knew it was leaking oil cause the dirt soaked it up until they brought it in.


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  7. The Lawn Ranger CT.

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    Rick, I've got a stupid question ( but may answer my problem) I noticed on the photo you posted , there is a breathing tube only on one of the valve heads,..why not both~? and while I was starting up my mower the other day (before I put the fliter holding on) I did noticed alittle (very liitle ) smoke coming from the breather tube~? could this lead me to the problem I am having with the intermittent smoking issue I stated in my post~? And what might it be~?
  8. PlantscapeSolutions

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    If you ever need a great mechanic who knows his stuff but work for cheap let me know. Back when Diamond Jims was in business on Manchaca Road their head mechanic was Brian Parks. Brian is now an AISD mechanic but fixes stuff on the side at his house in Kyle. Brian only charges $25 an hour. Engine rebuilds, hydro pump rebuilds, and carb work he can do it all.

    He doesn't let your stuff sit for a month like the shops do. He often fixes my stuff the same day. Plus he only lives 15 minutes from my house which is great! It's almost like having my own staff mechanic.
  9. rain man

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    Going to be checking more often.
  10. GrassMan22

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    I've found out more often than not its the breather cover that is leaking on the kawasaki engines. when you take the time to pull the covers off, make sure to tighten down the 4 10mm bolts that hold the breather cover on and you won't have a problem with dirt sticking to the fins. Vibration is a killer.

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