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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by turf4kansas, Mar 10, 2013.

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    This past year we installed an approximately 30 yd x 30 yd concrete/brick plaza in the center of campus. It is surrounded almost entirely by brick seating walls. The plaza does not drain well and never had any tile drains installed(not my choice). It is a terrible trap for leaves, dirt, and run off puddles. We're being asked to keep this jewel clean as can be, but all we have is a single wand operated power washer. It takes about 6 hours to move all the debris south with the drainage and then there is a soupy mess at the end.

    Does anyone know of a decent sized walk behind or smaller riding unit that would power wash the concrete and pick up the debris, hopefully creating less mess? I don't have a history in this sort of thing, so I'm just reaching out!
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    first take a hard bristle push broom and sweep all leaves off. then depending on the size pressure washer you have get a surface cleaner. you really need min. 4 gpm for success. get you a surface cleaner and itll clean that baby up in no time. check our thats who i use. call them ask for pete tell them thomas robinson sent you. he will tell you what size surface cleaner you need. good compant and itll get your concrete done prob 20 times faster then a wand

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