cleaning a mower deck.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ned5485, May 8, 2008.

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    I was mowing in the rain yesterday, and of course it didn't take long until I was clogged with grass. A couple times, I scooped it out with a putty knife. But, as I was putting the mower back on the trailer I noticed a puddle on the road, between me and the trailer. It was about 2-3 inches deep. I decided to engage the blades and slowly lowered the deck into the puddle.

    It cleaned the deck extremely well. So well, that I am sure it must be bad for the mower, or I would have heard about this before. Is it to much stress on the spindles? Can someone tell me why I should not do that?

    Also, I try to use a pressure washer to clean out my mower decks every so often. I am wondering if anyone has any tricks or suggestions? Does anybody else manage to stay dry or clean? Does anyone have a way to expose the underside of the deck(without completely removing it)? I guess, I need to find a way to get a ztr to pop a wheelly, and then find a way to hold it there. Any ideas? I do not own a hoist.
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    There are several threads about different ways folks raise their mowers. I posted in one earlier this week. Just do a search and some will turn up.

    I have pressure washed the underside of a deck only once. There are different opinions about this and if I'm not mistaken most opinions don't like it. Some claim the moisture will get into even sealed bearings.

    As far as cleaning the built up green wet grass -- I jack mine up , put jack stands under the deck and use a 3-foot piece of 1/2" electrical conduit which has been hammered flat on one end and bent to look like a minature hoe.

  3. Ned5485

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    from Indiana
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    I do not have any problems with getting my mowers raised up enough to scrape out the grass or change the blades. I would like to have the deck closer to perpendicular than my jack will accomplish.

    I am really looking for an answer to the question about the puddle. I guess if people feel that using a pressure washer is bad, then the same theory would apply. I feel like as long as I am greasing everything regularly, I am ok to pressure wash. But, if the bearing issue is the only problem, I will just keep greasing and find more puddles.
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    i used to use puddles like that, never had any issues. i wouldnt do it alot, but when you have tyo, it works wonders. i just scrape mine, that is all it needs.

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