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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by garlar55, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. garlar55

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    I have a 62" Toro Walk behind and a 48" Ferris ztrn rider. How do you guys clean your decks easily at the end of each day. It's a real pain trying to dig the grass out from under them on your back with a pair of small ramps. Any ideas on how to clean them out easier. My way takes 45 minutes to an hour and that's too long after mowing all day. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Hmmm. Maybe you should just spray the decks with PAM. Perhaps then you'll be able to decrease the frequency. LOL. Good luck.

    Actually, I have this dream of making a blade attachment that has stiff bristles on the blades - and just slipping these on and running it will clean the deck.

    Don't know if that's ever gonna be made a reality, though. :hammerhead:
  3. Nosmo

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    I use Liquid Film or Pam which really helps prevent buildup. When I do scrape the underside I jack it up with a farm jack and put jack stands under the deck. It is high up enought I can sit down and with long handled scrapers clean it fairly easily.

    Long handled scrapers ? Yep, homemade from 1/2" electrical conduit. Hammer out about an inch or so flat, put it in a vise and bend to 30 or 45 degree angle and sharpen. I made one about 2 feet long and another longer yet.

  4. South Florida Lawns

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    I just wash the underside maybe 2 times a month along with the rest of the mower.
  5. JayD

    JayD LawnSite Silver Member
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    Here's what I do. I have a 52" WB. I drilled a hole for a 3/8" eye bolt on my trailer floor, then I just use a strong rope and pull down the mower and tie the rope through the eye bolt holding the handle down. Then I just sit down on the trailer floor in front of the deck and start scraping it clean. Then when thats done, I spray it down with WD40. Then untie and let the mower down easy and done, besides cleaning up the mess.
  6. fergman

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    i park the trailer where i put down the gate and its kinda steep. then pull the mower to the right side of the gate,take left tire and run it up on the gate all the way as far as it will go. then grab a little thing i found at k-mart in the silver-ware section. its handle is about 6inches long with a wide flat piece of metal at the end. take just a couple of minutes.
  7. EMJ

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    I jack mine up. Place some jack stands under them to secure them from falling. Then my 7 year old has a blast. Make sure to remove blades, or at least check to make sure that they are not sharp.
  8. NMS0219

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    if its really bad we scrape by hand, if its not or if we are in a hurry power wash it with a 0 tip.
  9. verant

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    i have a kubota ztr. they have built in jacks...such a nice feature. so cleaning the deck is easy
  10. LwnmwrMan22

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    I just don't clean it.

    I'll clean it once about every 2 months when I switch the blades.

    I work about 80 hours / week and have been doing the same customers for 10-19 years, so please don't tell me I'm doing it wrong.

    Some people just go too overboard with cleaning / changing blades / changing oil.

    I'll use my mower to blow grass back over curbs off of parking lots.

    The sand works as a sandblaster and cleans the bottom.

    I'll change my blades when I start leaving too many stringers.

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