Cleaning Decks - Idea?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bull, Feb 12, 2004.

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    My biggest pain last year was cleaning the decks many times in between jobs. Especially with all the rain we had. Most of the time I pull the mower up on the trailer ramp with half of the deck hanging in mid air, scrape that side of the deck allowing grass to fall on a tarp and then switch sides and do it again. Of course constantly trying to avoid the green juice driping all over me. This year I am having a "crane type" hoist fitted to the side of my trailer to lift the front of the mower all at once. It will swing 90 degrees from the trailer when in use and will swing back parallel to the trailer when stored. Anyone with a better idea or method???
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    Bull, I've seen alot trucks down here with an electric winch mounted to a swing arm set up placed right up against the back board of the truck bed. I've often thought that would be perfect for under deck maintanece. It's a great idea I reackon!

    Let us know how it works out if you go ahead with it.
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    Like one of these?:

    C:\CompuServe 2000\download\
  4. gogetter

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    Oops, sorry. I was attempting to copy the photo from and put it here in the post.

    But I just realized, I have no idea how!LOL!

    Could someone fill me in?

    Anyway, search under "crane" at that site and you'll see a couple different models.
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    I welded a 2.5 in piece of square tubing right at the back on my trailer. I have a boom with a boat winch that slips into the square tubing, Just like a hitch and receiver. The boat winch is mounted at the end of the boom. When not in use the boom is lined up with the side of the trailer out of the way. When I need to clean the deck or change blades, I lift the boom up out of the "receiver" rotate it 90 degree's and the boom is then right over the middle of the end of the trailer. If I want to power wash under the deck I position the boom to point out away from the trailer and drive the mower up beside the trailer and lift it there. It works great and is fast and was not expensive. Just use a good boat winch. I also use a 2 inch nylon strap on the winch.
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    Clean your deck good, power wash if you can and then spray WD40 underneath the deck. This will stop grass from building up underneath it. You wont have to clean that often anymore but every time you do, spray it again. Maybe this will help solve your problem.
    It also helps to mow grass when it is dried off a little bit. Wet grass is terrible to mow.

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