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Originally posted by mottster
I've been doing it at an hourly fee....
if hourly works for you...great!

but I would never charge hourly for that job. I charge a flat fee of $35 minimum and that is if it an easy job--about 20 minutes.

people will pay the flat fee because if they have called you, chances are they can't find anyone else that will actually do it after they have said they would.

people don't like for you to blow the gutters unless they are dry because the leaves will blow between the gutter and facia board.

gutters are a good way to make a buck and introduce yourself to new customers.

I have done as many as six houses at one time on the same street after having an appointment with only one lady.

she got on the phone and called her friends and I simply carried the ladder from house to house.

two hours later and it was cha-ching time for the ole deposit slip. all six paid with a check! ;)

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