Cleaning Liquid Iron Stains

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  1. I have a 200 gal skid spray tank I loaned to a buddy, and it sat with liquid iron in it and stained the tank, I tried power washing it but that did not work.

    I was told muranic acid would clean it but I am unsure if that will harm the poly tank or hoses or fitting.

    Anyone know how to clean this out of my tank? And will the acid harm the stuff?
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    Try a products called Iron Out or Rust Raze available at hardware, maybe feed stores, Walmart?? etc. Weuse it to clean iron out of our toilets and clothes if the water conditioner has a problem once in a while.
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    We sell a product called Rust-E-Raser. It is an acid based cleaner. Probably either muriatic or phosphoric acid based with some kind of emulsifier or surfactants (?). I don't remember. The stuff is amazing on rust stains though. I've cleaned my fair share of iron/rust stains off sprayers, concrete, etc, over the years. There are probably other types of similar cleaners available.

    Rust-E-Raser comes in poly-ethylene plastic bottles just like your spray tank, so you'll be OK here. I wouldn't recirculate the material by running the pump though. Why chance damage to the diaphragms & hoses when that's not the problem?

    Make sure the tank is empty first. Mix a quantity at proper dilution (read the label), & spray it onto the stains with a "hand can" or some other appropriate device. Let it work a while. A truck-wash or toilet brush that's been duct taped to a broken rake or broom handle will help. Then rinse. Repeat til you're satisfied with the result. Then just send a bill to your buddy! (kidding)

    If you decide to try it, please wear all appropriate safety gear such as gloves, goggles, etc. Acid cleaners can cause burns to skin, permanant eye injury, & at the least, holes in your clothes.

    And when cleaning any surface for the first time, CHECK FOR COMPATIBILITY IN AN INSONSPICUOUS LOCATION BEFORE COMITTING TO THE ENTIRE SURFACE AREA. Some finished surfaces can be destroyed with cleaners such as these. Some concrete items are finished with sealers that will at least be etched, but may be ruined. Check first!

    Good Luck


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