cleaning mower with pressure washer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kayakn, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. kayakn

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    I have a hustler that is about a month old and I like to keep it clean. i normally wipe it down with a wet towel but that takes to long. i also cleaned it twice using a hose but i also have to scrub the mower also. i was wondering if anyone has used a pressure washer on their equipment with no problems. i was thinking that it might take the paint or stickers off so i don't want to do it yet. also, will washing with water make the mower rust?

    Thanks, Blake
  2. mississippiturf

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    I clean my mowers with my pressure washer at lease once a week, with no problems.

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  3. heather lawn sp

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    4 Z's and an out-front

    washed every Friday afternoon before leaving for the week-end BUT grease 'em after washing. Oldest mower 1994. Others '03, '05, '05, & '07
  4. kayakn

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    it doesnt peel the stickers off?
  5. Jason Rose

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    I went so far as to buy a new BIGGER and BETTER pressure washer, thinking it would do a better job of getting the grime. Nope... Sorry to say it, but the BEST tool for washing equipment is a good scrub brush, a bucket of soapy water, and a hose to rinse with.

    Of course I rarely wash my mowers. It's just depressing to spend 2 times the time and effort it takes to even wash my truck and then it's nasty dirty again after even one lawn. I just fail to see the point... I mean, if your mower got covered in muddy water, or mud, then give it a hose-down, but otherwise a good blowing off every few days seens to do just as good and it's DRY. No water standing in places and on the belts, bearings, etc.
  6. J&R Landscaping

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    If your carefull about how direct you aim the nozzle at the decals, you shouldn't hassle the decals at all. Just start the machine and run the blades to aide in the drying off process.
  7. ed2hess

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    I'll keep saying it over and over....washing these units is a bad idea they do not have electrical connections that are water proof. And any unit with sealed bearings or rotating joints that aren't greased will get rust in them. Will they rust yes ...if I could take pictures and post I would show you what happened to my Scag Cougar deck(which wasn't washed and was tarped) but got rain on it and it is full of rust. I had to do major rust-olem.
  8. kayakn

    kayakn LawnSite Member
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    thanks, I will probable just stick to washing with a wet towel and not a hose or pressure washer.
  9. lzrj

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    I power spray mine with no problems. I will not spray the underside of deck. The one time I did that I observed moisture on the spindles when I took the blades off. I also stay away from the ignition area. I power wash from 2 feet away to loosen everything and get dirt off then use a mit and hand wash. Power sprayers alone will not get wet grass that has dried onto the mower off without rubbing. It does a good job to wash dirt and dry grass off though and makes it easier to hand wash.
  10. jameson

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    Ah, wiping and/or scrubbing down the new machine! I'll give this exercise in futility three months, tops; after that, it's a quick blow down once per week, if the machine is so fortunate.


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