Cleaning out garden perrenials

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by guntruck, Dec 1, 2000.

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    Hey fellas, i am new to the garden aspect of this field. I have to go give an estimate tomorrow on trimming yews along a 120ft drive. Also along front of house are yews needing trimmed, thats about 25ft wide and the house is 32 ft long with just gardens on the side. She wants them "cleaned of the perrenials", what exactly does that mean? Then she wants it all mulched. Well, besides being pretty clueless on the cleaning of perrenials part, how about would you guys bid this by time? And like i said we are mainly grass cutters, would it look unprofessional if i told her she would have to show me where the perrenials were to cut back for winter. Trimming the yews are no problem and mulching is no problem, gonna try to get 65$ a yard, but i dont want to lose the job because im somewhat unfamiliar with the perrenial thing.. PLEASE HELP!! I have done a search and nothing there to my satisfaction. thanks
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    She means shes wants the perenials linning the yews cut down for the winter. Take a look and see how long it will take you and charge so that your making at least 50-60 an hour.
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    By now the perennials should have turned to straw/brown, dried vegetation. Just cut this off a couple of inches above the ground or nearly even with the ground. Some you'll need to cut with a hand pruner, others will do nicely with your pruning shears. Be sure to take all of the old foliage out of the bed--don't cheat and just mulch over it. Do it because disease and pests can overwinter in that dead foliage, causing problems next year. This shows the client that you are conscientious about caring for her garden. When bidding the pruning, remember to include a haul fee for disposing of the trimmings. Of course at this time of year, she may want to keep some of the yew clippings for seasonal decorations. Ok, I'll stop with that--before we have a real "Martha Stewart" moment.:)
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    Just my 2 cents..

    How big are the Yews? Will you need a ladder? Gas powered extendable hedge clippers are great for hedges and a real time saver. Borrow or rent from someone to try out if you don't have. I love mine.
  5. guntruck

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    Rob the yews are only about waist to chest high. But i still would like to try them i only have the regular ones. Thanks for replies gentleman.
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    Hey Guntruck I did a job almost just like this one last week..This gentlemen had several beds that needed to be weeded and the perennials needed to be cut (no mulch-he's waiting til spring on that).It took me and another guy about 3.5 hrs. and I charged him $325.00.I'd like to have 2 or 3 of these jobs to do everyday...Don't be shy about having her to show you what she wants cut out..You really wouldn't want to cut out the wrong thing and have to pay for replacing it...This time of year, most perennials will be dead and easy to spot..As for the yews, If they are waist high, I would charge between $5-$8 per yew.Good LUck..Clean-Cut

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