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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Madstriper, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Madstriper

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    Anyone have an effective, homemade adaptor for their blower to clean out gutters. I just picked up an account who also wants the gutters cleaned. I am billing by the hour on the extra work she wants, but I dont want to take too long. I dont wanna spend the money on a tall ladder right now if I dont have to.
    I was thinking of rigging up some PVC pipe to my handheld, and only, blower.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Dunn's

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    Honestly, it would cost more money and time to rig up something than to spend $88.00 for a decent 4-fold folding ladder at Sam's Club.
  3. mr mow

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    oh man, buy an extension ladder or 2, one some where in the 20-25 foot range and one in 32-40 range. if you have to bring out the 32-40' charge $150 just to get on the roof(clean out or no) if you have to move it around cause the roof is too steep at least $200 not to mention disposal or the cleanup you could add on top of that. the reason its gonna cost ?$200 is the liability someone(employee)gets hurt. one of those multi fold out are almost as heavy
  4. Freddy_Kruger

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    If I blew out the eaves (and I do maybe a hundred a year) I would get fired right away. Around here ppl expect you to bag them, they dont want all that crap on their yard and leaves are the least of your concerns if you're cleaning out eaves. It's the wet, soaking slug that I hate, twigs and crap blocking the down spouts, you gotta clean it out by hand then rinse it out with a hose.

    btw, I do eaves much cheaper than Mr Mow though I do have one 200 dollar job. Average 2 storey that I can walk on goes about 75 bucks.
  5. Prestige-Lawncare

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    You can try this little gutter washer ... though I think it would only make a mess on the ground for you to clean up too. ... and if all gutters are on a one story home.

    Remember ... use the $1. a minute rule on a job like this. If you can do it in less then 30 minutes (clean up and all) .... charge $30. If it is less then 1 hour ... make it $60.
  6. mr mow

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    yeah thats why you sell a clean up at the same time, cause i would clean up the mess i made on the ground that i had made otherwise. just watch where you are spraying stuff with the blow as far as windows below and siding where they meet in the corners below the far as getting on the roof with a hose or on the ground and getting the dirt off the outside of the eaves, it will come off in the first rain. i always clean the sticks out the downspouts(at the top) by hand. what i do, this comes with exp. is stick my blower pointed directly down the downspout and look at the grass at the bottom and i can usally tell whether its clear or not. krueger if i just clean gutter thats it of course i dont leave mess, i just try to up sell them on fall or spring cleanup, thay go hand in hand

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