Cleaning river rock, yes Im asking about this

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    Outside of Mackinaw.

    Lowery Excavating.

    Use to have a pit just North of Heritage Lake, but they burned it out.

    Then they moved to a place off of Town-Line road that is South West of Mackinaw.

    Pretty sure it's the same rock the bigger material supplier in Bloomington uses and charges 60/ton. I run to the pit if we have a bigger job where The quantity and location of the job out-weighs the travel time.

    This fall, I might actually have a tandem go there, or just make a bunch of trips myself 3 tons at a time and stockpile it.

    Where are you guys taking the 88tons out of? Just curious.

    Also, where are you getting it for 36/ton? Haven't seen a retail supplier sell it that cheap.

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