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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by wildstarblazer, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. wildstarblazer

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    Is there an all purpose type cleaner that one can use to clean multi surfaces(siding, wood, metal concrete etc.), that is environment safe as well, or
    is it best to use a certain detergent for each application.??

    I noticed the safe wash site looks like it has a lot of good stuff but a different chem for each surface.
  2. Everett Abrams

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    For what it is worth I would do a lot of research on exactly what type of work you want to do and services you want to add and then research the different surfaces you mention. Siding you may be cleaning and restoring, mostly with wood it will be restoration, if you do composite decks it will be mostly cleaning, and concrete will be mostly cleaning. Cleaning and restoration chemicals are different and you really need to know which ones to use and when. Then it gets further complicated when there are multiple cleaners and restoration products for each. Concrete for example, you may get a job where you need 3 different types of cleaners to get the job right. A degreaser for the oil, an acid for rust stains, and a bleach and soap solution for mold. You will want to treat all stains prior to cleaning the overall surfaces. In regards to wood, there are cleaners, strippers, and brighteners that are commonly used as well. Best thing is to do some research, take a class, partner up with someone to show you, and talk to a chemical supplier that will guide you when you need help. There is a lot more to this than most people think to achieve excellent results. Good luck!
  3. wildstarblazer

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    There really is more to it than people think. I have been toying with adding it to my services cause I thought it would be as simple as just spraying water but after looking into it I see it's more than that.
  4. Pressure Washing Cleve

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    Great info Everett.

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