Cleaning up 2 stroke fuel that may have water

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ed2hess, Feb 10, 2018.

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    I love those cans. It’s the stupid plastic sprout cans you have to push that I hate. Those are perfect for small equipment imo. The mowers get filled up at the pump
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    Here is real world........drizzle rain temperatures going up and down for several days.

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    Someone took the spout off and let the rain in? I do not understand. My can gets rained on and I do not get water in the can.
  4. ed2hess

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    These cans are not made for heavy use spout cracks and slides off. When you pour from5 gal to smaller can spout takes load. Orings come out Water sitting in the connector on this could drop in can when opened.
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    Got it. Next problem is people that do not take care of things that are not theirs. I would be pizzed if things that left the shop not broken and functional came back torn up. I see it all the time.
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    I don't under stand why you have such a problem with water in your fuel......We get rain and snow up here in South Jersey, we use the same cans and don't have this problem....

    You can get parts Here
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    I don't get it ed, just buy better cans.
    Problem solved right there...guess I'm missing something otherwise huh
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  8. rlitman

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    10% ethanol raises the octane number by around 4. Phase separation due to water contamination of E10 fuel separates the ethanol/water azeotrope from the rest of the gasoline. The Mr Funnel will not pass the water (polar) phase, but will allow the gas (non-polar) phase to pass through. That remaining gas will be about 4 octane lower than what it was at the pump. So, if you started with 87, it will be around 83. Note that my 4-mix handheld equipment calls for 89+. I buy 93 gas for it, so in this case, it would still be fine. 2-stroke equipment is a little less sensitive to octane with regards to timing, but feeding it 83 will cause it to run hotter.

    The water will not separate from the alcohol, but does not form an azeotrope with the gasoline. The amount of water that stays dissolved in pure gasoline (or diesel) is negligible. Bio-diesel holds a little more water, but not much. Sorry, I was the guy who studied chemical engineering, but then decided to change career paths.

    As for the Mr Funnel, it works by using a hydrophobic material. I believe it is a teflon coating on a screen. So long as it is wetted with gasoline (which it is attracted to), it repels the polar water/alcohol azeotrope at a molecular level. Believe it or not, a chamois actually does the same thing (though in this case, it MUST be wetted with a little clean fuel first). Apparently, this was how bush pilots could ensure they had good fuel in their engines.

    Anyway, the same type of coalescing filter is used to separate water from diesel fuel. In this case, diesel fuel is just about always associated with some amount of water, and unlike gasoline, which can dissolve and pass a small amount of water through the use of alcohol, keeping the fuel "dry", diesel really needs a proper fuel separating filter inline with the engine.
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  9. ed2hess

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    So can i use diesel filter to get water out of gas? I don't have a big problem with water. When handheld comes in for repair I dump thegas to check for water.
  10. rlitman

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    Yeah, I suppose you probably could. Though I'm not confident that all of the materials used in a diesel filter would be resistant to gasoline, so it might not last long.

    One problem is that a water separating filter works best if it can be oriented where the water can settle down (and preferably be drained out then). That's not so doable with handheld equipment, but on an engine that's not made to run upside down, a water separator can make sense if you really have a water issue (though it makes more sense to me to just keep the water out of your fuel).

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