Cleaning Up Leaves The Simple Way

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ed2hess, Dec 14, 2012.

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    i side discharge everything using G6 blades down here. i just discharge it towards the middle and when the leaves buildup a bit i go back over them a few times and they disappear. on average to do the leaves on a yard here takes about 15min or 30 at the most more than just a normal cut. most yards i do are 1/2-3acres in size. it's just easier and faster. i stop mowing at the end of october. i then go do the leaves 2 times in november on average. 1 time every 2 weeks. after november is over all of the leaves here are done falling for the most part. you kindof have to do that here because in november you still get a few weeds growing and such since the temps are in the 60s on average in the month of november.

    you gotta remember there's no stripes here in the south so you don't have to worry about going back in forth making rows next to each other. you can section the yard off into sections blowing the leaves into the middle and tackle them a bit at a time.

    i have one setup for every condition. i like to keep it simple. i don't have to fool around with bagging, putting on a mulch kit, different kinds of blades, tarps, rakes, leaf loaders, etc. it may be different up in the northeast but it works very well down here in the southeast.
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    Why don't you try just blocking the outlet year round? We have all kinds of mowers and all of them have outlet blocked.
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    wouldn't work. most yards down here are cut bi-weekly. sometimes they are 6" tall when you go cut. that would just bog down if you tried to mulch with it blocked off and had a mulch kit. if everyone was weekly it would be a great idea. i only have 3 weekly customers. the rest are all bi weekly.
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    How many yards do you have
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    Guess you got fixed height decks eh? I thought you had a sentar RH?
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    i have about 25 or so yards. i'm not completely full yet. i've only been in business 2 years. this year is year number 3. i have several yards that are 2-3acres in size. they take about 1 1/2hrs-2 1/2hrs to edge, mow, trim, and blow. i'm solo.

    i'm not gonna raise the deck and cut at 4" on southern grass that is normally cut 1 1/2"-2". no customer would accept that and neither would i. it would look horrible.

    apparently where i live it's different from 99% of you guys on lawnsite. noone is gonna pay for weekly cuts at $100-$125 a cut here. they can't afford that. i don't live in an area of rich people. they are middle class people. sure i have a few small yards that are $35-$40 and $50-$60 a cut. the weekly yards i have are $35, $40, and $45 per cut. they can afford it since it's cheap. the others can't which is 90% of my customers.
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    besides raising the deck would just mean the next time you went to cut the yard the grass would be even taller. it would be 10" tall instead of 6".

    i don't even know what a sentar rh is. maybe you are talking about a wright sentar? they don't even sale wright mowers around these parts of the world. i wouldn't want one anyways.

    most of the summer here it's over 90 so the grass doesn't grow as fast for the biggest part of the season. usually it is about 4" when i cut bi weekly and i cut it down to 2" on average. of course it varies based on the amount of rain and such.

    you can't pull the trick that some try to pull and mow it higher and say it needs to be mowed every week. lol if you did that the people would just say mow it shorter. they aren't stupid.

    there's a company here that tries to do that. they cut one of my neighbor's yards. it always looks terrible.
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    From south Jersey (outside Philly). We work in a lot of neighborhoods with 75+ and 100+ yr old oaks. Properties from 7500 sq ft total to 3 acres total. Most lawns range from 1500 sq.ft turf to 2 acres a lot of hardscapes, pools, decks, etc. Every local township conducts multiple (on average 5) curbside leaf collections mostly with large ODB leaf collection vac enclosed trailers (except Cherry Hill that uses those along with a crapload of 5 cu yd wheel loaders and triaxle dump trucks. Anyway my question is do they offer this type service in the south? If so IMHO it has to be quicker to blow the leaves to the curb tehn mow rather than go slow multiple times mulch and bag, after all, we all agree you're not running the rider through mulched/stone beds, across elevated decks, cleaning up driveways/patios with a mower,this all needs to be blown onto the turf first, so why not just blow to curb or onto a tarp and drag to the curb - duh. The point of the ground being wetter now than in the spring, so true. We had to park the ztr's for walk behinds after Thanksgiving as the riders would have rutted most lawns for sure for the entire winter. eff that!
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    Yeah once we get into November and get freezing temps over night and thawing in the day our lawns become really tender. And like I said, fall tends to be a pretty wet season where I am. Just not a good time to be running lawns over more than absolutely necessary. Good news Mrs. Smith, I mulched all your leaves up and didn't need to haul off anything. The bad news is you'll need a $2,000 lawn renovation in the spring, lol.
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    It all depends on where you are as to what is the best method. Here in the southern plains where we have been in a drought for two yrs, mulching can work fine. Go further north and east...mulching is less easy. Where I am, you see guys do it about every way imaginable.

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