Cleaning Up Leaves The Simple Way

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ed2hess, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I don't care who you are or what setup you are running, but you are not gonna mulch live oak leaves in st Augustine. I've used plates, kits, wavy blades, gator blades, etc. they just get stuck in the grass. You can get about half of them each time you cut, but that's it. Now, every other kind of leaf is vapor if mulching down here. We don't do leaf cleanups, we just mulch. Again, except for live and laurel oak.
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  2. lawnboy dan

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    yes you can mulch live oak in st aug. snapper hi vac with gator blades turns them to dust. may take several pases but it works great. snapper hi vac is only mower that will work
  3. If your referring to a 21", sorry, but that won't work on most properties. If your referring to a zt, that's cool.
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  4. orangemower

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    You guys that say the leaves turn to dust crack me up. I have leaf clean up jobs that take 4 truck and trailer loads that are chopped up and bagged with the mower to clean the places up. I even mulched the first few weeks. It got to the point that I had small mounds of the dust if you will everywhere. Enough to smother the grass completely.
  5. Chris Feenan

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    It seems to me that the guys from the Northeast, like me, will tell you that it can't be done. I guess it's possible that we are just stupid, or have inferior equipment, etc. But probably not.

    More likely, we have different grasses, cultural conditions and tree species. By the way, what you call a foot thick in Texas, looks like a few inches in the picture. I know everything is big there, but you ain't seen a Northeast leaf fall, methinks...

    Our turf grows very thick and lush because of the cool climate compared to down South. Maybe that explains why the mulched leaves sit on top of the turf and look like crap ?

    And i agree with SDLandcsapesVt that I am not going to waste time driving around and around, making tracks in the wet, weak turf, just so I don't have to remove them. Faster to bag 'em and get the heck out of there.
  6. orangemower

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    I gotta take pics of some jobs I've done. Some places have soooo many leaves that it would make you dizzy thinking about it.
  7. herler

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    I know what you mean, here's a new thread...
    Leaves you ain't Mulching I don't care who you are:




  8. Pffff...I can mulch that with a 21".
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  9. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    I'm with the last three guys. On the small jobs. By the time you blow out the beds and corners, just easier to blow them to the street and suck them up. As for the large jobs, mulching wont work here. One reason, even for the smaller of the large jobs, grass here gets mowed very low at the end of the season to prevent snow mold. No where to hide much of anything, even grass clippings. Then the large of the large. I have one home, about an acre, that takes 5 loads of leaves in a leaf box 8long x 6wide x 6high. Thats mulched and packed into the truck through the loader.
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    It was a Michigan School that ground up 6" of maple leaves into the standard cool season lawn... By Spring it is gone with the snow and all that OM and nutrients went right into the soil structure of the turf...

    Maples are simple that way and when you're at the time of year that there is leaf fall going on,,, you can clean it up,,, **** and span today , but tomorrow looks like neglect again...
    So with that thought in mind,,, "What difference does it make if the leaves don't immediately disappear???"

    But I do not mulch mow oak or pine... :)

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