Cleaning Up Leaves The Simple Way

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ed2hess, Dec 14, 2012.

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    By all means , use the biggest and baddest blower....been there and did that for years and learned the mulching trick. Stumps and hidden ok obstruction s certainly would be a situation for blowing only.
    In manicured lawns mulching them up and then bagging is far more effecient than walking leaves across a big yard and then using a large vac at the street, which is yet another piece of equipment , and typically only used a few months each year...then hauling a large volume of air mixed with leaves to some site to dump....try mulching you might like it, you get to use your mowers vs. Buying specialized equipment
  2. TX Easymoney

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    Ill post photos tomorrow if i have oak leaves are more difficult than red oak leaves, ...certainly not near as difficult as you say....we do it every spring....
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    That is not a lot of leaves....mulched that amount with a 21inch lawnboy with mulch kit 20 years ago before we got ztrs

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    That wont work on the other side of the country. All the pictures below are wet leaves. The last picture there was snow on the ground 2 days before the clean up.

    The average clean up around here is about 25 cubic yards of leaves.

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    Forgive my ignorance, but what is OM? Organic material?
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    You guys are doing way tooo much work for simple clean up. There isn't enough leaves on any of these pictures to keep me from running a turf tiger with mulch kit across them. All those tarps and raking and blowing is a lot harder than riding on a mower. Don't you have a lawnmower with a good mulch kit?

    Ask Santa for one of these kits..

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    The mowers I use have mulch kits built in. No need to buy extras. They also wont work for wet frozen leaves.
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    Don't knock it till you try it, I've mulched wet leaves, dry leaves, big leaves, small leaves and they all get cut up the same...wet leaves just means less dust...
    P.S. started raking, then went to blowing, tried bagging and then went to mulching
    Lower the mower to about 2 to 2.5 inches snd cut in a clockwise pattern twice arond the lawn, blow leaves into the center from drives and trimm4d area snd the continue to go in a circular pattern until ground up...worst case scenario, you have a few bags to bag up.
    Visiting uncle in indiana i did the same technique with a riding side dischsrge tractor...same result..the leaves practically disappear.

    Remember, most leaves are 90 percent air
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    I'm only here because I'm trying to decide which wheel blower to buy, but I gotta say this is a hoot. No way mulching/disposing of leaves is the same in the northeast as it is in the south. We mulch them, plow them, blow them, etc... and there is no way you're going to 100% mulch leaves in the northeast no matter how many times you run them over with mulching kits/blades. If you could there would be no need for leaf equipment/trucks/vacs/blowers/city curbside leaf removal trucks/, etc...
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    Yeah, I agree theirs no way to "just mulch them in" up here in the north I've tried with no success.

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