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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Craig Turf Management, Feb 3, 2001.

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    I have heard you guys mention spring and fall clean-ups. I think I know what you're talking about, but I'm not sure. Could you folks tell me what is involved in the clean-ups, and what you do differently in the fall and spring.
    I'm really excited about being a part of this forum. I've taken several classes at my local community college, and will continue to do so, but I am learning so much here. Thanks to everyone who shares. Sorry for rambling.
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    Sorry you didn't get any response to this until now. I'll try to give some insight.

    Fall cleanups for me means leaves off the lawn, flowerbeds, and occasionally gutters. Sometimes the owner wants shrubs trimmed.

    Spring cleanups mean left over leaves from the winter if I did a fall cleanup. Or if I didn't, it means the same thing as a fall cleanup. Spring also means putting that first edge for the year on and trimming getting everything really nice for the rest of the year. Plus, for spring I can sometimes sell them mulch, aeration, shrub trimming and fertilization.

    Hope this helps. :)
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    I'll add to 65hoss's

    On full maintenance accounts, Fall cleanups make Spring cleanups easier if done fully. Fall and Spring cleanups also give the properties that extra edge of looking well kept.

    In Fall besides leaf pickup from lawns and beds, there is cutting back of all perennial plant growth to the ground before it totally dies like right before first frost. Some perennials like clumps of ornamental grasses are left for winter interest unless customer wants them down in Fall. All annual flowers are pulled from the beds before or right after first frost also. Shrubs are billed and figured as a trimming expense, but last trim is during Fall cleanup to make them look good through the winter. Something else we do on some accounts is either remulch or turn the mulch so it looks good if we go all winter without snow to cover those areas. Fall weed kill is the best time to kill most weeds in beds and lawns, so a shot of Roundup usually works into Fall cleanups. Most residential properties get a good mechanical edging where needed. Small tree trimming of lower branches in the fall is easier since you can see without the leaves. Picking trash out of beds that was hidden from Summer growth.

    In the Spring, cleanup, for us, includes; pickup of all foriegn debris from the lawns and beds like sticks, leaves again, snow removal debris from piling snow in those areas. Bed definition by shovel, bed edger, edger or sod cutter. Turn the mulch alittle since we do not add mulch until later Spring or early Summer. At this time we also usually add a pre-emergent like Snapshot to the beds. Cut back all ornamental grasses that were left. Pick trash out of shrubs and beds. Trim shrubs as needed. Edge lawn edges where needed.

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    >>On our first visit to our clients we will hand pick all the leaves from the crotches of the shrubbery.
    >>We hand rake the beds clear of winter debris.
    >>We will edge all ornamental beds and tree rings with a gas powered edger.
    >>Remove winter debris from turf areas.
    >>Repair damage to turf from snow plows.
    >>Remove sand and cinder along curbing and turf borders.

    >>After the 2nd-3rd week in October until the completion of mowing services in November we will remove leaves and pine needles to prevent smothering the grass.
    >>We blow the ornamental beds free of leaves using hand held blowers. (time for hand picking is allocated during spring clean-up ONLY)

    >>We offer this service in late October as a seperate service above and beyond seasonal clean ups.
    >>We just run along the gutters of the roofs whenever possible with a bp blower and then hose them out.
    >>Otherwise we have to use ladders with roof stabilizers and work our way along them (PITA)

    Hope this helps.
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    I was starting to worry. No responses to my post. I appreciate all of the help.

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