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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Leaf Jockey, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Leaf Jockey

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    In the past I have been running a five person cleanup crew. This year I'm experimenting with a seven person crew. I always thought the more people I could get on a yard the faster it would go. I'm finding out that six may be the perfect number for me. I run a turf sweeper and put one or two guys on ztr mounted blowers, one loading leaves and the rest with backpacs. I can just keep up on the sweeper with this crew until about mid afternoon when they all pull these energy drinks out of their lunch boxes. Things seem to shift into overdrive then.

    I know there are a lot of one man operations on this site but is anyone else here running larger crews? Are you running sweepers, ztr/vacs or something else?

  2. bohiaa

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    I noticed a crew the other day, "While sitting at the bank", I counted 7 guys, trimming trees pulling weeds out of beds, mowing, trimming hedges and such...

    this lawn was a bit small for that many. I was concerned about accidents.
    seemed that they were doging each other,

    Wondering if you have experanced this issue ?

    or do you NOT send that many on like a 1/4 to half acer job?
  3. Leaf Jockey

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    We don't have a lot of small accounts but I will split the crew up when needed.

  4. rootslawnservice

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    We use a 4 man crew,3 backpacks , 1 force walkbehind blower. If the yard is big, we put 2 guys on bp, and 2 on Lazers with baggers. It all depends on how many leaves are on the yard.

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